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mp3 King Diamond

(не включая сборники и выступления с другими музыкантами)

''LOA'' HouseVoodoo
''Them''The Dark Sides [Single]
'Amon' Belongs To 'Them'Conspiracy
1642 ImprisonmentThe Eye
A Broken SpellThem
A Mansion In DarknessDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD1
A Mansion In DarknessAbigail
A Mansion In Darkness (Rough Mix)Abigail
A SecretVoodoo
A Visit From The DeadConspiracy
AbigailIn Concert 1987 - Abigail (Live)
AbigailA Dangerous Meeting
ArrivalIn Concert 1987 - Abigail (Live)
ArrivalA Dangerous Meeting
At The GravesConspiracy
At The Graves (Alternative Mix)Conspiracy
Behind These WallsThe Eye
Black DevilHouse Of God
Black Hill SanitariumThe Graveyard
Black HorsemenDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD1
Black HorsemenAbigail
Black Of NightGive Me Your Soul... Please
Black Rose: Holy Mountain LightsBlack Magic I
Blood To WalkThe Puppet Master
Blood To WalkDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD2
Blue EyesThe Puppet Master
Broken GlassAbigail II: The Revenge
BurnThe Eye
BurnDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD2
Bye, Bye, MissyThem
CandleA Dangerous Meeting
CandleA Dangerous Meeting
CatacombNightmares In The Nineties
CatacombHouse Of God
CharonFatal Portrait
CharonNo Presents For Christmas [Single]
ChristmasThe Puppet Master
Cold As IceGive Me Your Soul... Please
Come To The SabbathIn Concert 1987 - Abigail (Live)
Come To The SabbathA Dangerous Meeting
Coming HomeThem
Corpse Without SoulA Dangerous Meeting
Crazy TonightKing Diamond & Black Rose - 20 Years Ago - A Night Of Rehearsal
Cremation (Live Show Mix)Conspiracy
Cross Of Baron SamediVoodoo
Cross Of Baron SamediNightmares In The Nineties
Curse Of The PharaohsA Dangerous Meeting
DaddyThe Graveyard
Dangerous MeetingA Dangerous Meeting
DarknessThe Puppet Master
Digging GravesThe Graveyard
DisgraceKing Diamond & Black Rose - 20 Years Ago - A Night Of Rehearsal
Doctor CraniumKing Diamond & Black Rose - 20 Years Ago - A Night Of Rehearsal
Doomed By The Living DeadA Dangerous Meeting
DreamsThe Spider's Lullabye
Dressed In WhiteFatal Portrait
Drum SoloIn Concert 1987 - Abigail (Live)
Eastmann's CureThe Spider's Lullabye
Eastmann's CureNightmares In The Nineties
EmerenciaThe Puppet Master
EvilA Dangerous Meeting
Eye Of The WitchThe Eye
Eye Of The WitchDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD1
Eye Of The WitchA Dangerous Meeting
Father PicardThe Eye
Follow The WolfHouse Of God
From The Other SideThe Spider's Lullabye
From The Other SideNightmares In The Nineties
FuneralIn Concert 1987 - Abigail (Live)
FuneralDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD1
Give Me Your SoulGive Me Your Soul... Please
GoodbyeHouse Of God
Guitar Solo AndyIn Concert 1987 - Abigail (Live)
GypsyA Dangerous Meeting
HalloweenThe Dark Sides [Single]
HalloweenFatal Portrait
HalloweenDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD2
HalloweenA Dangerous Meeting
HauntedFatal Portrait
Heads On The WallThe Graveyard
Help!!!House Of God
Holy Mountain LightsKing Diamond & Black Rose - 20 Years Ago - A Night Of Rehearsal
House Of GodHouse Of God
I AmThe Graveyard
I Need BloodKing Diamond & Black Rose - 20 Years Ago - A Night Of Rehearsal
I'm Not A StrangerThe Graveyard
If They Only KnewVoodoo
InsanityThe Eye
Into The ConventThe Eye
IntroductionsDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD2
Is Anybody Here?Give Me Your Soul... Please
Just A ShadowNightmares In The Nineties
Just A ShadowHouse Of God
Kill For FunKing Diamond & Black Rose - 20 Years Ago - A Night Of Rehearsal
KillerThe Spider's Lullabye
King Diamond: "LOA" HouseBlack Magic III
King Diamond: AbigailBlack Magic I
King Diamond: ArrivalBlack Magic I
King Diamond: At The GravesBlack Magic II
King Diamond: Blood To WalkBlack Magic III
King Diamond: BurnBlack Magic II
King Diamond: Bye, Bye MissyBlack Magic II
King Diamond: CharonBlack Magic I
King Diamond: Dressed In WhiteBlack Magic I
King Diamond: From The Other SideBlack Magic II
King Diamond: Help!!!Black Magic III
King Diamond: Mirror, MirrorBlack Magic III
King Diamond: Never Ending HillBlack Magic III
King Diamond: One Down Two To GoBlack Magic III
King Diamond: Sleepless NightsBlack Magic II
King Diamond: SpiritsBlack Magic III
King Diamond: The Eye Of The WitchBlack Magic II
King Diamond: The Family GhostBlack Magic I
King Diamond: The Invisible GuestsBlack Magic II
King Diamond: The RitualBlack Magic III
King Diamond: The StormBlack Magic III
King Diamond: The Trees Have EyesBlack Magic III
King Diamond: The WheelchairBlack Magic III
King Diamond: VoodooBlack Magic III
King Diamond: WaitingBlack Magic II
King Diamond: Welcome HomeBlack Magic II
Let It Be DoneConspiracy
Life After DeathVoodoo
Little OneAbigail II: The Revenge
Living DeadThe Puppet Master
Living Dead (Outro)Deadly Lullabyes (Live) CD2
LOA HouseNightmares In The Nineties
Locked Up In The SnowKing Diamond & Black Rose - 20 Years Ago - A Night Of Rehearsal
Louisiana DarknessVoodoo
Lucy ForeverThe Graveyard
Lucy ForeverNightmares In The Nineties
Lurking In The DarkFatal Portrait
MagicThe Puppet Master
Mansion In SorrowDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD1
Mansion In SorrowAbigail II: The Revenge
Meet Me At MidnightThe Graveyard
Mercyful Fate: A Corpse Without SoulBlack Magic I
Mercyful Fate: Angel Of LightBlack Magic II
Mercyful Fate: Black FuneralBlack Magic I
Mercyful Fate: Buried AliveBlack Magic III
Mercyful Fate: Come To The SabbathBlack Magic I
Mercyful Fate: Death KissBlack Magic I
Mercyful Fate: Doomed By The Living DeadBlack Magic I
Mercyful Fate: Evil 2009Black Magic III
Mercyful Fate: In The ShadowsBlack Magic II
Mercyful Fate: Into The CovenBlack Magic I
Mercyful Fate: Into The UnknownBlack Magic II
Mercyful Fate: Is That You, Melissa?Black Magic II
Mercyful Fate: MelissaBlack Magic I
Mercyful Fate: My DemonBlack Magic II
Mercyful Fate: Night Of The UnbornBlack Magic I
Mercyful Fate: The OathBlack Magic I
Mercyful Fate: The Uninvited GuestBlack Magic II
MidnightThe Puppet Master
MiriamAbigail II: The Revenge
Mirror MirrorGive Me Your Soul... Please
MommyAbigail II: The Revenge
MoonlightThe Spider's Lullabye
More Than PainAbigail II: The Revenge
Mother's Getting WeakerThem
Moving OnGive Me Your Soul... Please
Never Ending HillGive Me Your Soul... Please
No More MeThe Puppet Master
No Presents For ChristmasThe Dark Sides [Single]
No Presents For ChristmasFatal Portrait
No Presents For ChristmasDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD2
No Presents For ChristmasA Dangerous Meeting
No Presents For ChristmasNo Presents For Christmas [Single]
No Presents For The ChristmasIn Concert 1987 - Abigail (Live)
One Down Two To GoVoodoo
One Down Two To GoNightmares In The Nineties
Out From The AsylumThem
Passage To HellHouse Of God
Peace Of MindNightmares In The Nineties
Peace Of MindHouse Of God
Phone CallThem
Phone CallThe Dark Sides [Single]
Pictures In RedGive Me Your Soul... Please
Probot: Sweet DreamsBlack Magic III
Radar Love (Golden Earring Cover)King Diamond & Black Rose - 20 Years Ago - A Night Of Rehearsal
Road LifeKing Diamond & Black Rose - 20 Years Ago - A Night Of Rehearsal
Roadrunner United: In The FireBlack Magic III
Room 17The Spider's Lullabye
Sarah's NightVoodoo
Sending Of DeadVoodoo
Shapes Of BlackGive Me Your Soul... Please
ShrineThe Dark Sides [Single]
Six Feet UnderThe Spider's Lullabye
Six Feet UnderNightmares In The Nineties
Sleep Tight Little BabyThe Graveyard
Sleepless NightsDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD1
Sleepless NightsConspiracy
Sleepless NightsA Dangerous Meeting
Slippery StairsAbigail II: The Revenge
So SadThe Puppet Master
So SadDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD2
Something WeirdConspiracy
Sorry DearDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD1
Sorry DearAbigail II: The Revenge
Soul OvertureKing Diamond & Black Rose - 20 Years Ago - A Night Of Rehearsal
Spare This LifeDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD1
Spare This LifeAbigail II: The Revenge
SpiritsDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD1
SpiritsAbigail II: The Revenge
The 7th Day Of July 1777In Concert 1987 - Abigail (Live)
The 7th Day Of July 1777Abigail
The Accusation ChairThem
The CandleIn Concert 1987 - Abigail (Live)
The CandleFatal Portrait
The CellarGive Me Your Soul... Please
The CryptAbigail II: The Revenge
The CurseThe Eye
The DeadGive Me Your Soul... Please
The EndKing Diamond & Black Rose - 20 Years Ago - A Night Of Rehearsal
The ExorcistVoodoo
The ExorcistNightmares In The Nineties
The Family GhostIn Concert 1987 - Abigail (Live)
The Family GhostDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD1
The Family GhostAbigail
The Family Ghost (Rough Mix)Abigail
The Floating HeadGive Me Your Soul... Please
The Girl In The Bloody DressGive Me Your Soul... Please
The GraveyardThe Graveyard
The Invisible GuestsThem
The Invisible GuestsDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD2
The JonahFatal Portrait
The LakeThe Dark Sides [Single]
The LakeFatal Portrait
The MeetingsThe Eye
The PactHouse Of God
The PoltergeistThe Spider's Lullabye
The PortraitIn Concert 1987 - Abigail (Live)
The PortraitFatal Portrait
The PossessionIn Concert 1987 - Abigail (Live)
The PossessionAbigail
The Possession (Rough Mix)Abigail
The Puppet MasterThe Puppet Master
The Puppet MasterDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD2
The RitualThe Puppet Master
The Spider's LullabyeThe Spider's Lullabye
The StormAbigail II: The Revenge
The Trees Have EyesNightmares In The Nineties
The Trees Have EyesHouse Of God
The Trial (Chambre Ardente)The Eye
The Wedding DreamConspiracy
The WheelchairAbigail II: The Revenge
This Place Is TerribleHouse Of God
To The MorgueThe Spider's Lullabye
Trick Or TreatThe Graveyard
Trick Or TreatNightmares In The Nineties
Twiilight SymphonyThem
Two Little GirlsThe Eye
Unclean SpiritsVoodoo
Up From The GraveThe Graveyard
UponTthe CrossHouse Of God
VirginKing Diamond & Black Rose - 20 Years Ago - A Night Of Rehearsal
Voices From The PastFatal Portrait
WaitingThe Graveyard
WaitingNightmares In The Nineties
Welcome HomeThem
Welcome HomeDeadly Lullabyes (Live) CD2
Welcome HomeA Dangerous Meeting
WhispersThe Graveyard

Жанры King Diamond:

(Именно в этих стилях можно найти сходных по звучанию музыкантов)

Rock -> Metal -> Thrash Metal
Rock -> Metal -> Heavy Metal
Rock -> Progressive -> Progressive Metal

музыка King Diamond бесплатно

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