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.38 SpecialTracker [Bonus Disc]
.38 Special (Bonus Track)Tracker [Limited Deluxe Edition]
5.15 A.M.Shangri-La
5.15 A.M.Greatest Hits (CD2)
A Fistful Of Ice CreamComfort And Joy
A Happy EndingScreenplaying
A Happy EndingThe Princess Bride
A Love IdeaScreenplaying
A Love IdeaLast Exit To Brooklyn
A Night In Summer Long AgoGolden Heart
A Night In Summer Long AgoThe Golden Demos
A Place Where We Used To LiveThe Ragpicker's Dream
A Secret Place / Where Will You GoCal
A Walk In ParisMetroland
After The BeanstalkPrivateering (CD2)
AlLucca SummerFestival
All That I Have In The WorldA Shot At Glory
All That I Have In The WorldB-Sides And Rarities
All That MattersShangri-La
All The RoadrunningAll The Roadrunning (With Emmylou Harris)
Alone And Forsaken (With Emmylou Harris, 2001)Singles & Rare Tracks
An American HeroWag The Dog
Are We In Trouble NowGolden Heart
Are We In Trouble NowGreatest Hits (CD2)
As Low As It GetsLast Exit To Brooklyn
Back To TupeloShangri-La
Back To TupeloOne Take Radio Sessions
Back To TupeloThe Trawlerman's Song [EP]
Baloney AgainSailing To Philadelphia
Baloney AgainLive In Amsterdam (CD1)
BasilTracker [Limited Deluxe Edition]
BeachcombingAll The Roadrunning (With Emmylou Harris)
BeachcombingGreatest Hits (CD2)
Before Gas And TVGet Lucky
Behind With The RentKill To Get Crimson
Belle StarrAll The Roadrunning (With Emmylou Harris)
BerylTracker [Limited Deluxe Edition]
Beyond My Wildest DreamsAll The Roadrunning (With Emmylou Harris)
Blood And WaterPrivateering (CD2)
BluebirdPrivateering (CD2)
Boom, Like ThatShangri-La
Boom, Like ThatOne Take Radio Sessions
Boom, Like ThatThe Trawlerman's Song [EP]
Boom, Like ThatGreatest Hits (CD1)
BoomtownLocal Hero
Boomtown (Variation Louis' Favourite)Screenplaying
Border ReiverGet Lucky
Border ReiverGet Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
Border Reiver (Bergen 2010)Live In Bergen 2010
Broken BonesTracker [Limited Deluxe Edition]
Brothers In ArmsAmsterdam Showcase
Brothers In ArmsGet Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
Brothers In ArmsLive In Amsterdam (CD2)
Brothers In ArmsLucca SummerFestival
Brothers In Arms (Live)The Ragpicker's Dream (Bonus Disc)
Caling ElvisLucca SummerFestival
Calling ElvisLive In Amsterdam (CD1)
CameradoWhat It Is
CameradoWhat It Is [EP]
CameradoB-Sides And Rarities
CannibalsGolden Heart
Cleaning My GunGet Lucky
Cleaning My Gun (Live / Unmixed 2-Track)Privateering (CD3) Rehearsal Desk Mixes
Confort (Theme From Comfort And Joy)Comfort And Joy
Corned Beef CityPrivateering (CD1)
Corned Beef City (Live / Unmixed 2-Track)Privateering (CD3) Rehearsal Desk Mixes
CoyoteThe Ragpicker's Dream
CoyoteGet Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
Coyote (Bergen 2010)Live In Bergen 2010
Daddy's Gone To KnoxvilleThe Ragpicker's Dream
Darling PrettyGolden Heart
Darling PrettyGreatest Hits (CD1)
Devil BabyThe Ragpicker's Dream
Do AmericaSailing To Philadelphia
Do AmericaB-Sides And Rarities
Don't Crash The AmbulanceShangri-La
Don't Forget Your HatPrivateering (CD1)
Don't You Get ItGolden Heart
Done With BonaparteAmsterdam Showcase
Done With BonaparteGolden Heart
Done With BonaparteThe Golden Demos
Done With BonaparteGet Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
Done With BonaparteLive In Amsterdam (CD1)
Done With BonaparteLucca SummerFestival
Done With Bonaparte (Bergen 2010)Live In Bergen 2010
Donegan's GoneAmsterdam Showcase
Donegan's GoneShangri-La
Donegan's GoneOne Take Radio Sessions
Donegan's GoneThe Trawlerman's Song [EP]
Donegan's Gone (Bergen 2010)Live In Bergen 2010
Donegan's Gone (Bonus Track - Live From Bergen)Get Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
Donkey TownAll The Roadrunning (With Emmylou Harris)
Down DayMetroland
Dream Of The Drowned SubmarinerPrivateering (CD2)
Drooling NationalWag The Dog
Early Bird (Bonus Track)Get Lucky
El MachoSailing To Philadelphia
Everybody PaysShangri-La
Everybody PaysOne Take Radio Sessions
Everybody PaysGreatest Hits (CD2)
Fare Thee Well NorthumberlandThe Ragpicker's Dream
Father And SonScreenplaying
Father And SonCal
Fear And HatredCal
Finale - Last Exit To BrooklynScreenplaying
Finale - Last Exit To BrooklynLast Exit To Brooklyn
Florin DanceThe Princess Bride
Follow The RibbonPrivateering (CD3) Rehearsal Desk Mixes
Follow The RibbonB-Sides And Rarities
Four In A RowA Shot At Glory
Freeway FlyerLocal Hero
Gator BloodPrivateering (CD2)
Get LuckyGet Lucky
Go, LovePrivateering (CD1)
Going HomeLive In Amsterdam (CD2)
Going Home (Theme Of The Local Hero)Local Hero
Going Home - Theme Of The Local HeroScreenplaying
Going Home - Theme Of The Local HeroGreatest Hits (CD1)
Golden HeartGolden Heart
Golden HeartGreatest Hits (CD1)
Good As GoldGet Lucky (Bonus Disc)
Good As GoldB-Sides And Rarities
Got To Have SomethingPrivateering (CD2)
Gravy TrainB-Sides And Rarities
Gravy Train (America's Sweetheart OST, 2001)Singles & Rare Tracks
Gravy Train (Bonus Track)Wag The Dog
Guide My SwordScreenplaying
Guide My SwordThe Princess Bride
Hard CasesA Shot At Glory
Hard CasesGreatest Hits (CD2)
Hard ShoulderGet Lucky
Haul AwayPrivateering (CD1)
He's The ManA Shot At Glory
He's The ManB-Sides And Rarities
He's The Man - A Shot At GloryGreatest Hits (CD2)
Heart Full Of HolesKill To Get Crimson
Heart Full Of HolesGreatest Hits (CD2)
Heart Of OakTracker [Bonus Disc]
Heart Of Oak (Bonus Track)Tracker [Limited Deluxe Edition]
Hill Farmer's BluesThe Ragpicker's Dream
Hill Farmer's BluesGet Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
Hill Farmer's BluesGreatest Hits (CD2)
Hill Farmer's Blues (Bergen 2010)Live In Bergen 2010
Hill Farmer's Blues (Live / Unmixed 2-Track)Privateering (CD3) Rehearsal Desk Mixes
Home BoyGet Lucky (Bonus Disc)
Home BoyB-Sides And Rarities
Hot Dog (Special Bonus Track)Tracker [Limited Deluxe Edition]
Hot Or WhatPrivateering (CD1)
I Dug Up A DiamondAll The Roadrunning (With Emmylou Harris)
I Used To CouldPrivateering (CD2)
I Will Never Love AgainThe Princess Bride
I'm The FoolGolden Heart
I'm The FoolThe Golden Demos
If This Is GoodbyeAll The Roadrunning (With Emmylou Harris)
ImeldaGolden Heart
ImeldaGreatest Hits (CD2)
In A Secret PlaceCal
In The HeartlandWag The Dog
In The SkyKill To Get Crimson
Instrumental #1The Golden Demos
Instrumental #2The Golden Demos
Instrumental #3The Golden Demos
Irish BoyScreenplaying
Irish BoyCal
Irish LoveScreenplaying
Irish LoveCal
It's OverA Shot At Glory
Je Suis DesoleGolden Heart
JoyComfort And Joy
Junkie DollSailing To Philadelphia
Junkie RollLucca SummerFestival
Junlie DollLive In Amsterdam (CD1)
Just InstinctWag The Dog
Kingdom Come (Heavy Fuel Single, 1991)Singles & Rare Tracks
Kingdom Of GoldPrivateering (CD2)
Last Exit To BrooklynLast Exit To Brooklyn
Laughs And Jokes And Drinks And SmokesTracker [Limited Deluxe Edition]
Let It All GoAmsterdam Showcase
Let It All GoKill To Get Crimson
Let It All GoGreatest Hits (CD1)
Let's See YouWhat It Is
Let's See YouWhat It Is [EP]
Let's See YouB-Sides And Rarities
Lights Of TaorminaTracker [Limited Deluxe Edition]
Long Cool GirlTracker [Limited Deluxe Edition]
Lost On The River (With Emmylou Harris, 2001)Singles & Rare Tracks
Love And GuiltCal
Love And HappinessAll The Roadrunning (With Emmylou Harris)
Madame Geneva'sKill To Get Crimson
MarbletownThe Ragpicker's Dream
MarbletownGet Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
Marbletown (Bergen 2010)Live In Bergen 2010
Meeting Under The TreesCal
MetrolandGreatest Hits (CD1)
MetrolandB-Sides And Rarities
Metroland Theme (Instrumental)Metroland
Mighty ManTracker [Limited Deluxe Edition]
Millionaire Blues (Calling Elvis Single, 1991)Singles & Rare Tracks
Miss Your BluesPrivateering (CD1)
Money For NothingLive In Amsterdam (CD2)
Money For NothingLucca SummerFestival
MonteleoneGet Lucky
Morning RideScreenplaying
Morning RideThe Princess Bride
My Claim To FameB-Sides And Rarities
My Claim To Fame (Bonus Track)Wag The Dog
My Claim To Fame (Darling Pretty Single, 1996)Singles & Rare Tracks
My Heart Has Never ChangedTracker [Bonus Disc]
My Heart Has Never Changed (Bonus Track)Tracker [Limited Deluxe Edition]
Night In SummerGet Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
No Can DoGolden Heart
No Wonder He's Confused (Take 1)The Golden Demos
No Wonder He's Confused (Take 2)The Golden Demos
Nobody's Got The GunGolden Heart
Nobody's Got The GunGreatest Hits (CD1)
Occupation BluesPrivateering (CD3) Rehearsal Desk Mixes
Occupation BluesB-Sides And Rarities
Oklahoma PoniesTracker [Bonus Disc]
Old PigweedThe Ragpicker's Dream
Once Upon A Time... Storybook LoveScreenplaying
Once Upon A Time...Storybook LoveThe Princess Bride
One More Matinee (UK Only Track)Sailing To Philadelphia
Our Shangri-LaShangri-La
Our-Shangri-LaAmsterdam Showcase
Piper To The EndGet Lucky
Piper To The EndGet Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
Piper To The End (Bergen 2010)Live In Bergen 2010
Poor Boy BluesGreatest Hits (CD2)
Postcards From ParaguayAmsterdam Showcase
Postcards From ParaguayShangri-La
Potato PickingScreenplaying
Potato PickingCal
Prairie WeddingSailing To Philadelphia
Prairie WeddingGet Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
PrivateeringPrivateering (CD1)
Pulling Down The RideGet Lucky (Bonus Disc)
Pulling Down The RideB-Sides And Rarities
Punish The MonkeyKill To Get Crimson
PyromanLive In Amsterdam (CD2)
Quality ShoeThe Ragpicker's Dream
Quality Shoe (Live)The Ragpicker's Dream (Bonus Disc)
Radio City SerenadePrivateering (CD2)
Red StaggerwingAll The Roadrunning (With Emmylou Harris)
Redbud TreePrivateering (CD1)
Remembrance DayGet Lucky
RevengeThe Princess Bride
Right NowAll The Roadrunning (With Emmylou Harris)
RiotLast Exit To Brooklyn
River Of GrogPrivateering (CD3) Rehearsal Desk Mixes
River Of GrogB-Sides And Rarities
River TownsTracker [Limited Deluxe Edition]
Rollin' OnAll The Roadrunning (With Emmylou Harris)
Romeo And JulietGet Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
Romeo And JulietLive In Amsterdam (CD1)
Romeo And Juliet (Bergen 2010)Live In Bergen 2010
Romeo And JulietteLucca SummerFestival
RudigerAmsterdam Showcase
RudigerGolden Heart
RudigerOne Take Radio Sessions
RudigerGreatest Hits (CD2)
Sailing To PhiladelphiaSailing To Philadelphia
Sailing To PhiladelphiaGet Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
Sailing To PhiladelphiaGreatest Hits (CD2)
Sailing To Philadelphia (Bergen 2010)Live In Bergen 2010
Sailing To Philadelphia (Live)The Ragpicker's Dream (Bonus Disc)
Sailing To Philadelphia (Live)Privateering (CD3) Rehearsal Desk Mixes
Sands Of NevadaSailing To Philadelphia
Say Too MuchA Shot At Glory
Say Too MuchGreatest Hits (CD1)
Say Too MuchB-Sides And Rarities
SeattlePrivateering (CD1)
Secondary WaltzKill To Get Crimson
Secondary WaltzThe Golden Demos
She's GoneMetroland
Silver EagleTracker [Limited Deluxe Edition]
Silvertown BluesSailing To Philadelphia
Silvertown BluesGreatest Hits (CD1)
SkydiverTracker [Limited Deluxe Edition]
Small PotatoesB-Sides And Rarities
Small Potatoes (Why Aye Man Single, 2002)Singles & Rare Tracks
SmoochingLocal Hero
So Far AwayGet Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
So Far AwayLive In Amsterdam (CD2)
So Far Away (Bergen 2010)Live In Bergen 2010
So Far From The ClydeGet Lucky
Song For Sonny ListonAmsterdam Showcase
Song For Sonny ListonShangri-La
Song For Sonny ListonOne Take Radio Sessions
Song For Sonny ListonThe Trawlerman's Song [EP]
Song For Sonny ListonGreatest Hits (CD1)
Sons Of ScotlandA Shot At Glory
Sons Of Scotland - Quiet ThemeA Shot At Glory
Speedway At NazarethGet Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
Speedway At NazarethLive In Amsterdam (CD2)
Speedway At NazarethLucca SummerFestival
Speedway At Nazareth (Bergen 2010)Live In Bergen 2010
Speedway At Nazareth (Feat. Gillian Welch)Sailing To Philadelphia
Stand Up GuyShangri-La
Stand Up GuyOne Take Radio Sessions
Stand Up GuyThe Trawlerman's Song [EP]
StargazerLocal Hero
Storybook LoveThe Princess Bride
Stretching OutWag The Dog
Sucker RowShangri-La
Sultals Of SwingLucca SummerFestival
Sultans Of SwingMetroland
Sultans Of SwingGet Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
Sultans Of SwingLive In Amsterdam (CD1)
Sultans Of Swing (Bergen 2010)Live In Bergen 2010
Summer Of LoveB-Sides And Rarities
Tall Order BabyB-Sides And Rarities
Tall Order Baby (Cannibals Single, 1996)Singles & Rare Tracks
Telegraph RoadGet Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
Telegraph RoadLive In Amsterdam (CD2)
Telegraph RoadLucca SummerFestival
Telegraph Road (Bergen 2010)Live In Bergen 2010
Terminal Of Tribute ToTracker [Bonus Disc]
Terminal Of Tribute To (Bonus Track)Tracker [Limited Deluxe Edition]
The Car Was The OneGet Lucky
The Ceilidh And The Northern LightsLocal Hero
The Ceilidh: Louis' Favourite Billy's TuneLocal Hero
The Cliffs Of InsanityThe Princess Bride
The Fireswamp And The Rodents Of Unusual SizeThe Princess Bride
The Fish And The BirdKill To Get Crimson
The Fizzy And The StillAmsterdam Showcase
The Fizzy And The StillKill To Get Crimson
The Fizzy And The StillGreatest Hits (CD2)
The Friend's SongScreenplaying
The Friends' SongThe Princess Bride
The Last LaughGreatest Hits (CD2)
The Last Laugh (Feat. Van Morrison)Sailing To Philadelphia
The Lily In The WestThe Golden Demos
The Long HighwayWhat It Is
The Long HighwayWhat It Is [EP]
The Long HighwayB-Sides And Rarities
The Long RoadScreenplaying
The Long RoadCal
The Mist Covered MountainsScreenplaying
The Mist Covered MountainsLocal Hero
The New LairdA Shot At Glory
The Ragpicker's DreamThe Ragpicker's Dream
The Ragpicker's DreamGreatest Hits (CD2)
The ReckoningLast Exit To Brooklyn
The RoadCal
The Rocks And The ThunderLocal Hero
The Rocks And The Thunder IILocal Hero
The Rocks And The WaterLocal Hero
The Scaffolder's WifeKill To Get Crimson
The SwordfightThe Princess Bride
The Trawlerman's SongOne Take Radio Sessions
The Trawlerman's SongThe Trawlerman's Song [EP]
The Trawlersman's SongShangri-La
The Trawlersman's SongGreatest Hits (CD1)
The Way It Always StartsLocal Hero
Think FastLast Exit To Brooklyn
This Is UsAll The Roadrunning (With Emmylou Harris)
This Is UsGreatest Hits (CD1)
Time In The Sun (Bonus Track)Get Lucky
Time Will End All SorrowTracker [Bonus Disc]
Today Is OkayPrivateering (CD2)
TrainingA Shot At Glory
TralalaLast Exit To Brooklyn
True Love Will Never FadeAmsterdam Showcase
True Love Will Never FadeKill To Get Crimson
True Love Will Never FadeGreatest Hits (CD1)
Two Brothers & A Stranger (Color Of Money OST, 1986)Singles & Rare Tracks
Vic And RayGolden Heart
VictimsLast Exit To Brooklyn
Wag The DogWag The Dog
Wag The DogLive In Amsterdam (CD1)
Wag The DogB-Sides And Rarities
Wag The DogLucca SummerFestival
Wag The Dog - Wag The DogGreatest Hits (CD2)
Waiting For HerCal
Walk Of LifeLive In Amsterdam (CD1)
Walk Of LifeLucca SummerFestival
WanderlustSailing To Philadelphia
We Can Get WildKill To Get Crimson
We're Going To WarWag The Dog
What Have I Got To DoB-Sides And Rarities
What Have I Got To Do? (Cannibals Single, 1996)Singles & Rare Tracks
What It IsSailing To Philadelphia
What It IsGet Lucky Tour: Live In Paris 09.06.2010
What It IsLive In Amsterdam (CD1)
What It IsGreatest Hits (CD1)
What It IsLucca SummerFestival
What It Is (Bergen 2010)Live In Bergen 2010
What It Is (Extended Version)B-Sides And Rarities
What It Is (radio Edit)What It Is
What It Is (Radio Edit)What It Is [EP]
Wherever I GoTracker [Limited Deluxe Edition]
Whistle ThemeLocal Hero
Who's Your Baby NowSailing To Philadelphia
Who's Your Baby NowLucca SummerFestival
Whoop De DooShangri-La
Why Aye ManThe Ragpicker's Dream
Why Aye ManGreatest Hits (CD1)
Why Aye Man (Live)The Ragpicker's Dream (Bonus Disc)
Why Aye Man (Live)Privateering (CD3) Rehearsal Desk Mixes
Wild Mountain ThymeA Shot At Glory
Wild ThemeScreenplaying
Wild ThemeLocal Hero
Working On ItWag The Dog
Yon Two CrowsPrivateering (CD1)
You Can't Beat The HouseGet Lucky
You Don't Know You're BornThe Ragpicker's Dream
You Don't Know You're BornGreatest Hits (CD1)
Your Perfect SongPrivateering (CD3) Rehearsal Desk Mixes

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1. I See A Boat On The River (Bonus Track) Boney M
2. She's My Kind Of Girl ABBA
3. Saltarello Dead Can Dance
4. Soul Survivor C.C.Catch
5. (Come On Baby) Let The Good Times Roll Big Brother And The Holding Company
6. Cruel Climax Blues Band
7. Blue Monday Climax Blues Band
8. Moon Above, Sun Below Opeth
9. Invitation Omega
10. Prairie Wedding Mark Knopfler
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