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'traneBlues For Salvador
(Da Le) YaleoSupernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD1
(Da Le) YaleoIn Concert CD1
(Da Le) YaleoSupernatural
A DiosMilagro
A Love SupremeDivine Light
A-1 FunkLotus CD1
Acapulco SunriseAcapulco Sunrise
Africa BambaSupernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD1
Africa BambaSupernatural
Agua Que Va CaerMilagro
Ah, Sweet DancerShape Shifter
All I Ever WantedMarathon
All I Ever WantedDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD3: Spirit
All The Love Of The UniverseCaravanserai
America (Featuring P. O. D.)Shaman
American GypsyZebop!
Amor Correspondido (Feat. Diego Torres)Corazon
Amore (Sexo) (Featuring Macy Gray)Shaman
Angel Love (Come For Me) (Previously Unissued)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD2
Angel NegroSalsa, Samba & Santana
Angel Of AirDivine Light
Angel Of SunlightDivine Light
Angelica FaithShape Shifter
Angels All Around UsSacred Fire: Live In South America
Aqua MarineMarathon
Aqua MarineDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD2: Soul
Aqua MarineMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD2)
Aqua MarineThe Best Instrumentals
Aqua Que VaWelcome Back Home (live In California)
Arise AwakeOneness: Silver Dreams - Golden Reality
As The Years Go Passing BySan Francisco Mission District Live '69
As The Years Go Passing ByLive At The Fillmore '68 CD2
Aye Aye AyeShaman
Bacalao Con PanIn Concert CD1
Bacalao Con Pan (Previously Unissued)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD2
Back In Black (Ft. Nas)Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time
BahiaMoonflower (Legace Edition) CD1
BailandoSalsa, Samba & Santana
Bailando / Aquatic ParkBlues For Salvador
Bailando / Aquatic ParkMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD1)
Banbeye (Bonus)Santana III (Legacy Edition) CD1
Bang A Gong (Ft. Gavin Rossdale)Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time
BatukaSantana III (Legacy Edition) CD1
BatukaLotus CD1
BatukaThe Best Instrumentals Vol. 2
BatukaLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD2
Batuka (Live)Santana III (Legacy Edition) CD2
Before We GoFreedom
Behind The Sun (Clyde Criner)Playin' With Carlos
Beijo De Longe (Feat. Gloria Estefan)Corazon
BellaBlues For Salvador
BellaMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD2)
BellaThe Best Instrumentals
Besos De Lejos (Feat. Gloria Estefan)Corazon
Black Magic WomanSantana's Collection
Black Magic WomanWelcome Back Home (live In California)
Black Magic WomanLotus CD1
Black Magic WomanUltimate Santana
Black Magic WomanDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD1: Heart
Black Magic WomanSantana's Greatest Hits
Black Magic Woman - Gypsy QueenAbraxas
Black Magic Woman - Gypsy QueenLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD1
Black Magic Woman - Gypsy Queen (Live 18.April.1970 Royal Albert Hall) (Bonus)Abraxas
Black Magic Woman / Gypsy QueenSacred Fire: Live In South America
Black Magic Woman/Gypsy QueenMoonflower (Legace Edition) CD1
Black Magic WomanGypsy Queen (Live)Santana III (Legacy Edition) CD2
Bliss: The Enternal NowDivine Light
Bliss: The Eternal Now-ReturnDivine Light
Blues For SalvadorBlues For Salvador
Blues For SalvadorDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD2: Soul
Blues For SalvadorMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD2)
Blues For SalvadorThe Best Instrumentals
Blues LatinoMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD2)
Blues LatinoSantana Brothers
Body SurfingShango
Boogie In ALive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD1
Breaking OutBeyond Appearances
Brightest StarZebop!
Brightest StarDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD3: Spirit
BrotherhoodBeyond Appearances
BrotherhoodMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD1)
BrotherhoodSalsa, Samba & Santana
Brown Skin Girl (With Bo Bice)All That I Am
BrujoSantana Brothers
Can't You Hear Me Knocking (Ft. Scott Weiland)Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time
CanelaShape Shifter
Canto De Los FloresBorboletta
CarnavalMoonflower (Legace Edition) CD1
CarnavalSalsa, Samba & Santana
Castillos De ArenaLotus CD1
Castillos De Arena, Part 2Lotus CD2
Chill Out (Things Gonna Change)Dance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD3: Spirit
ChooseSpirits Dancing In The Flesh
Chunk A FunkLive At The Fillmore '68 CD1
Coconut GroveAcapulco Sunrise
Come To My WorldCeremony (Remixes & Rarities)
Con SantanaAll That I Am
Conquistadore Rides AgainLive At The Fillmore '68 CD1
ContigoSantana Brothers
Corazon EspinadoLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD1
Corazon Espinado (Featuring Mana)Supernatural
Corazon Espinado (Ft. Mana)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD1
Corazon Espinado (Ft. Mana)Ultimate Santana
Corazon Espinado (Spanish Dance Remix) (Ft. Mana)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD2
Cry Baby Cry (With Sean Paul & Joss Stone)All That I Am
Cry Of The WildernessOneness: Silver Dreams - Golden Reality
CuracionCeremony (Remixes & Rarities)
Curacion (Sunlight On Water)Multi Dimensional Warrior (CD2)
Da Tu AmorAll That I Am
Dame Tu AmorLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD2
Dance Sister DanceSantana's Collection
Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana)Moonflower (Legace Edition) CD1
Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana)Amigos
Dance The Night Away (Ft. Pat Monahan)Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time
Daughter Of The NightHavana Moon
Dawn/Go WithinMoonflower (Legace Edition) CD1
Day Of CelebrationIn Concert CD1
Dealer / Spanish RoseInner Secrets
Deeper, Dig DeeperBlues For Salvador
Deeper, Dig DeeperFreedom
Do You Like The Way (Featuring Lauryn Hill & Cee-Lo)Supernatural
Do You Like The Way (Ft. Lauryn Hill & Cee-Lo)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD1
DomShape Shifter
E Papa ReZebop!
E Papa ReSalsa, Samba & Santana
EcuadorHavana Moon
El FarolSupernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD1
El FarolSupernatural
El FarolMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD2)
El FuegoAll That I Am
El MoroccoMoonflower (Legace Edition) CD2
El NicoyaAbraxas
En Aranjuez Con Tu AmorMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD2)
En Aranjuez Con Tu AmorSantana Brothers
Encore CallLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD2
Eres La LuzShape Shifter
EsperandoSacred Fire: Live In South America
Eternal Caravan Of ReincarnationCaravanserai
EuropaSantana's Collection
EuropaUltimate Santana
EuropaSacred Fire: Live In South America
EuropaDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD2: Soul
EuropaMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD2)
Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)Moonflower (Legace Edition) CD1
Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)Amigos
Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)The Best Instrumentals
Every Day I Have The BluesAcapulco Sunrise
Every Now And ThenDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD3: Spirit
Every Step Of The WayLotus CD1
Every Step Of The WayCaravanserai
Everybody's EverythingSantana's Collection
Everybody's EverythingSantana III (Legacy Edition) CD1
Everybody's EverythingUltimate Santana
Everybody's EverythingDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD1: Heart
Everybody's EverythingSantana's Greatest Hits
Everything's Coming Our WaySantana's Collection
Everything's Coming Our WaySantana III (Legacy Edition) CD1
Everything's Coming Our WaySantana's Greatest Hits
Evil WaysSantana's Collection
Evil WaysSan Francisco Mission District Live '69
Evil WaysSantana (Legacy Edition) CD1
Evil WaysUltimate Santana
Evil WaysDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD1: Heart
Evil WaysThe Woodstock Experience: Live 16/Aug/1969
Evil WaysSantana's Greatest Hits
Exodus / Get Up Stand UpIn Concert CD1
Exodus / Get Up Stand Up (Previously Unissued)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD2
Feel It Coming Back (Feat. Diego Torres)Corazon
Feels Like Fire (Featuring Dido)Shaman
First Love (Narada Michael Walden)Playin' With Carlos
Flame SkyDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD1: Heart
Flor D'Luna (Moonflower)Moonflower (Legace Edition) CD2
Flor D'Luna (Moonflower)The Best Instrumentals
Flor De CanelaBorboletta
Flora De CanelaSalsa, Samba & Santana
Folsom Street (Bonus)Santana III (Legacy Edition) CD1
Foo FooShaman
Foo FooLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD1
Foo Foo (Remix)Ceremony (Remixes & Rarities)
Fortunate Son (Ft. Scott Stapp)Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time
Free All The PeopleWelcome Back Home (live In California)
Free All The People (South Africa)Milagro
Free AngelaLotus CD1
Free AngelaThe Best Instrumentals Vol. 2
Free As The Morning SunOneness: Silver Dreams - Golden Reality
Free As The Morning SunSalsa, Samba & Santana
FreewayLive At The Fillmore '68 CD2
Fried Neck Bones And Some Home FriesThe Woodstock Experience: Live 16/Aug/1969
Fried Neck Bones And Some HomefriesSan Francisco Mission District Live '69
Fried NeckbonesLive At The Fillmore '68 CD1
Fried NeckbonesSantana Jam
Fried Neckbones And Some Home FriesSantana (Legacy Edition) CD2
Fried Neckbones And Some Home Fries (Live At Woodstock)Santana (Legacy Edition) CD2
Friend Neckbones And Home Fries (Giants)Playin' With Carlos
Friendship (John McLaughlin)Playin' With Carlos
Full MoonSpirits Dancing In The Flesh
Full MoonMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD2)
Full MoonThe Best Instrumentals
Future PrimitiveCaravanserai
GardeniaThe Swing Of Delight
Get It In Your SoulIn Concert CD2
Gipsy - GrajoncaMilagro
GitanoSantana's Collection
Give And TakeBorboletta
Give Me LoveFestival
Go In To The House Of The LordLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD2
Going HomeWelcome
Going HomeLotus CD1
Golden DawnOneness: Silver Dreams - Golden Reality
Golden HoursThe Swing Of Delight
Goodess And MercySpirits Dancing In The Flesh
GuajiraSantana's Collection
GuajiraSantana III (Legacy Edition) CD1
GuajiraSacred Fire: Live In South America
Gumbo (Bonus)Santana III (Legacy Edition) CD1
Gumbo (Live)Santana III (Legacy Edition) CD2
Guru's SongOneness: Silver Dreams - Golden Reality
Guru's SongThe Best Instrumentals
Gypsy QueenLotus CD1
Gypsy WomanSpirits Dancing In The Flesh
HannibalBlues For Salvador
HannibalDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD3: Spirit
HannibalThe Best Instrumentals Vol. 2
HannibalSalsa, Samba & Santana
Hannibal (McCoy Tyner)Playin' With Carlos
Hard TimesMarathon
Havana MoonHavana Moon
Here And NowBorboletta
HermesAll That I Am
Hold OnShango
Hope You Are Filling BetterSantana's Collection
Hope You're Feeling BetterAbraxas
Hope You're Feeling BetterSantana's Greatest Hits
Hot TamalesAcapulco Sunrise
How LongBeyond Appearances
Hoy Es Adios (Featuring Alejandro Lerner)Shaman
Human Revolution (Terri Lyne Carrington)Playin' With Carlos
I Ain't Superstitious (Ft. Jonny Lang)Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time
I Am Free (Excerpt From The Soul-Bird)Oneness: Silver Dreams - Golden Reality
I Am Somebody (With Will.I.Am)All That I Am
I Believe It's TimeMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD1)
I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love (With Los Lonely Boys)All That I Am
I Love You Much Too MuchZebop!
I Love You Much Too MuchDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD2: Soul
I Love You Much Too MuchMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD2)
I Love You Much Too MuchThe Best Instrumentals
I See Your FaceCorazon
I'll Be WaitingMoonflower (Legace Edition) CD1
I'll Be WaitingDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD2: Soul
I'll Be WaitingMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD1)
I'm Feeling You (With Michelle Branch & The Wreckers)All That I Am
I'm GoneBlues For Salvador
I'm The One Who Loves YouBeyond Appearances
IlluminationsDivine Light
In A Silent WayDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD1: Heart
In A Silent Way (Live)Santana III (Legacy Edition) CD2
In The Light Of A New DayShape Shifter
Incident At NeshaburLotus CD2
Incident At NeshaburAbraxas
Incident At Neshabur (Live)Santana III (Legacy Edition) CD2
Indy (Feat. Miguel)Corazon
Interplanetary PartyUltimate Santana
Into The Night (Ft. Chad Kroeger)Ultimate Santana
Intro Derek And WarrenLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD1
Iron Lion Zion (Feat. Ziggy Marley & ChocQuibTown)Corazon
It's A Jungle Out ThereSpirits Dancing In The Flesh
Jam In ESantana '68
Jam In EAcapulco Sunrise
Jharna KalaThe Swing Of Delight
Ji-Go-Lo-BaSacred Fire: Live In South America
Jim JeannieOneness: Silver Dreams - Golden Reality
Jin-Go-Lo-BaSpirits Dancing In The Flesh
Jin-Go-Lo-BaAcapulco Sunrise
JingoSantana's Collection
JingoSan Francisco Mission District Live '69
JingoSantana (Legacy Edition) CD1
JingoSantana '68
JingoLive At The Fillmore '68 CD1
JingoIn Concert CD2
JingoThe Best Instrumentals Vol. 2
JingoThe Woodstock Experience: Live 16/Aug/1969
JingoLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD1
JingoSantana's Greatest Hits
Jingo (Live At Woodstock)Santana (Legacy Edition) CD2
Jingo (Original Album Session)Santana (Legacy Edition) CD2
Jingo RockWelcome Back Home (live In California)
JugandoMoonflower (Legace Edition) CD1
Jungle StrutSantana III (Legacy Edition) CD1
Jungle StrutThe Best Instrumentals Vol. 2
Jungle Strut (Live)Santana III (Legacy Edition) CD2
JUST FEEL BETTER ( feat Steven Tyler)Unsorted
Just Feel Better (Ft. Steven Tyler)Ultimate Santana
Just Feel Better (With Steven Tyler)All That I Am
Just In Time To See The SunCaravanserai
KyotoLotus CD2
La DanzaSantana Brothers
La Flaca (Feat. Juanes)Corazon
La Fuente Del RitmoSalsa, Samba & Santana
La Fuente Gel RitmoCaravanserai
La LlaveThe Swing Of Delight
La Puesta Del SolSantana '68
Latin TropicalSantana '68
Latin TropicalSantana Jam
Let It ShineAmigos
Let MeAmigos
Let Me InsideShango
Let Me Love You TonightCeremony (Remixes & Rarities)
Let The Children PlayMoonflower (Legace Edition) CD1
Let The Children PlayFestival
Let The Music Set You FreeFestival
Let There Be LightMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD1)
Let There Be Light / Spririts Dancing In The FleshSpirits Dancing In The Flesh
Let's Get Ourselves TogetherSantana Jam
Let's Get Ourselves TogetherAcapulco Sunrise
Life Is A Lady-HolidayThe Best Instrumentals
Life Is A Lady/HolidayInner Secrets
Life Is AnewBorboletta
Life Is For LivingWelcome Back Home (live In California)
Life Is For LivingMilagro
Life Is For LivingMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD1)
Life Is Just A Passing ParadeOneness: Silver Dreams - Golden Reality
Light Of LifeWelcome
Light Versus DarknessOneness: Silver Dreams - Golden Reality
Lightnin'Havana Moon
Lightning In The SkyMarathon
Little Mama (Luis Gasca)Playin' With Carlos
Little Wing (Ft. Joe Cocker)Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time
Look Up (To See What's Coming Down)Caravanserai
Love Is YouIn Concert CD2
Love Is YouFreedom
Love Is YouDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD2: Soul
Love Is YouMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD2)
Love Is YouThe Best Instrumentals
Love Is You Love Is MeLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD1
Love Of My Life (Featuring Dave Matthews & Carter Beauford)Supernatural
Love Of My Life (Ft. Dave Matthews & Carter Beauford)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD1
Love Theme From 'Spartacus'The Swing Of Delight
Love, Devotion & SurrenderWelcome
Luz Amor Y VidaSantana Brothers
Luz, Amor Y VidaMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD2)
Macumba In BudapestShape Shifter
Make Somebody HappyMilagro
Make Somebody HappySacred Fire: Live In South America
Mal Bicho (Feat. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs)Corazon
Man With The Cooper Fingers (Weather Report)Playin' With Carlos
MananaCeremony (Remixes & Rarities)
MantraLotus CD2
Mantra (Bonus)Welcome
Margarita (Feat. Romeo Santos)Corazon
Maria CaracolesFestival
Maria CaraolesSalsa, Samba & Santana
Maria MariaSupernatural
Maria MariaLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD1
Maria Maria (Ft. Product G And B)Ultimate Santana
Maria Maria (Ft. The Product G&B)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD1
Maria Maria (Pumpin' Dolls Club Mix) (Ft. The Product G&B)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD2
Maria Maria (Remix)Ceremony (Remixes & Rarities)
MeditationDivine Light
MellaDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD2: Soul
MetatronShape Shifter
MigraSupernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD1
MingusBlues For Salvador
Morning In MarinSantana Brothers
Mother AfricaWelcome
Mother's DaughterAbraxas
Move OnDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD2: Soul
Move OnInner Secrets
Mr. SzaboShape Shifter
Mr. UdoLotus CD2
MudboneHavana Moon
MudboneDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD3: Spirit
Mumbo JumboIn Concert CD2
My Man (With Mary J. Blige & Big Bo)All That I Am
NaimaDivine Light
NaimaDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD1: Heart
Never The Same AgainShape Shifter
Night Hunting TimeShango
No One To Depend OnSantana III (Legacy Edition) CD1
No One To Depend OnUltimate Santana
No One To Depend OnSacred Fire: Live In South America
No One To Depend OnLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD2
No One To Depend On (Live)Santana III (Legacy Edition) CD2
No One To Depend On (Single Version) (Bonus)Santana III (Legacy Edition) CD1
NomadShape Shifter
Nothing At All (Featuring Musiq)Shaman
Novus (Featuring Placido Domingo)Shaman
Now That You KnowBlues For Salvador
Nowhere To RunShango
Nubian LadyLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD1
Nueva YorkShango
Nueva YorkSalsa, Samba & Santana
Olympic FestivalSupernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD2
Once It's GotchaFreedom
One Chain (Don't Make No Prison)Inner Secrets
One Fine MorningIn Concert CD2
One Fine Morning (Previously Unissued)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD2
One Of These Days (Featuring Ozomatli)Shaman
One With The SunBorboletta
One With YouHavana Moon
OnenessOneness: Silver Dreams - Golden Reality
Open InvitationDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD2: Soul
Open InvitationInner Secrets
Over And OverZebop!
Oxun (Oshun)Shango
Oye 2014 (Feat. Pitbull)Corazon
Oye Como VaSantana's Collection
Oye Como VaWelcome Back Home (live In California)
Oye Como VaLotus CD1
Oye Como VaAbraxas
Oye Como VaUltimate Santana
Oye Como VaSacred Fire: Live In South America
Oye Como VaDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD1: Heart
Oye Como VaThe Best Instrumentals Vol. 2
Oye Como VaLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD1
Oye Como VaSantana's Greatest Hits
Para Los RumberosSantana III (Legacy Edition) CD1
Para Los RumberosSalsa, Samba & Santana
Para Los Rumberos (Live)Santana III (Legacy Edition) CD2
Peace On Earth ... Mother Earth ... Third Stone From The SunSpirits Dancing In The Flesh
Percussion JamIn Concert CD1
PersuasionSan Francisco Mission District Live '69
PersuasionSantana (Legacy Edition) CD1
PersuasionSantana '68
PersuasionLive At The Fillmore '68 CD1
PersuasionThe Woodstock Experience: Live 16/Aug/1969
PersuasionSantana's Greatest Hits
Persuasion (Live At Woodstock)Santana (Legacy Edition) CD2
Persuasion (Original Album Sesssion)Santana (Legacy Edition) CD2
Photograph (Ft. Chris Daughtry)Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time
Phuler MatanThe Swing Of Delight
Pigs SnoutLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD1
Practice What You PreachBorboletta
PraiseMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD1)
PrimaveraSupernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD1
Primavera (Featuring Jerry Rivera)Ceremony (Remixes & Rarities)
Primera InvasionZebop!
Primera InvasionThe Best Instrumentals Vol. 2
Primera InvasionSalsa, Samba & Santana
Promise Of A FishermanBorboletta
Psalms (Alex Acuna & The Unknows)Playin' With Carlos
Put Your Lights On (Featuring Everlast)Supernatural
Put Your Lights On (Ft. Everlast)Ultimate Santana
Put Yours Lights On (Ft. Everlast)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD1
Rain Down On Me (Ft. Dave Matthews & Carter Beauford) (Previously Unissued)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD2
Reach UpFestival
Red ProphetMilagro
ReflectionsSantana Brothers
RevelationsThe Best Instrumentals Vol. 2
Riders On The Storm (Ft. Chester Bennington & Ray Manzarek)Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time
Right NowBeyond Appearances
Right NowMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD1)
Right On / Get OnIn Concert CD1
Runnin'The Best Instrumentals Vol. 2
Saideira (Feat. Samuel Rosa)Corazon
Saideira (Feat. Samuel Rosa) (Spanish Version)Corazon
Saja - Right OnMilagro
Saja / Right OnMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD1)
Samba Da SausalitoWelcome
Samba De SausalitoLotus CD1
Samba De SausalitoThe Best Instrumentals Vol. 2
Samba De SausalitoSalsa, Samba & Santana
Samba Pa TiWelcome Back Home (live In California)
Samba Pa TiLotus CD2
Samba Pa TiAbraxas
Samba Pa TiUltimate Santana
Samba Pa TiSacred Fire: Live In South America
Samba Pa TiDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD1: Heart
Samba Pa TiMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD2)
Samba Pa TiThe Best Instrumentals
Samba Pa TiSantana's Greatest Hits
Samba Pa Ti (Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra)Playin' With Carlos
Samba PatiSantana's Collection
Santana JamSantana Jam
Santana Jam (Savor)San Francisco Mission District Live '69
SavorSantana (Legacy Edition) CD1
SavorIn Concert CD1
SavorThe Woodstock Experience: Live 16/Aug/1969
Savor (Alternate Take #2)Santana (Legacy Edition) CD1
Savor (Live At Woodstock)Santana (Legacy Edition) CD2
Savor (Live)Santana III (Legacy Edition) CD2
Savor/Toussaint L'OvertureMoonflower (Legace Edition) CD2
Say It AgainBeyond Appearances
Se A CaboSantana's Collection
Se A CaboLotus CD2
Se A CaboAbraxas
Se A CaboSantana's Greatest Hits
Se A Cabo (Live 18.April.1970 Royal Albert Hall) (Bonus)Abraxas
Se Eni A Fe L'Amo-Kere KereDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD3: Spirit
Serpents And DovesMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD1)
Shades Of TimeSantana (Legacy Edition) CD1
Shades Of Time (Original Album Session)Santana (Legacy Edition) CD2
Shape ShifterShape Shifter
She Can't Let GoFreedom
She's Not ThereMoonflower (Legace Edition) CD2
Sher Khan, The TigerThe Swing Of Delight
Sideways (Featuring Citizen Cope)Shaman
Silver Dreams Golden SmilesOneness: Silver Dreams - Golden Reality
Silver Sword (feat. Flora Purim)Unsorted
Silver Sword (Flora Purim)Playin' With Carlos
Since Supernatural (Featuring Melkie Jean & Governor Washington)Shaman
Singing Winds, Crying BeastsAbraxas
Singing Winds, Crying BeastsThe Best Instrumentals Vol. 2
Smoke On The Water (Ft. Jacoby Shaddix)Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time
SmoothLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD2
Smooth (Featuring Rob Thomas)Supernatural
Smooth (Ft. Rob Thomas)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD1
Smooth (Ft. Rob Thomas)Ultimate Santana
Smooth (Instrumental)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD2
Smooth (Remix)Ceremony (Remixes & Rarities)
Somewhere In HeavenWelcome Back Home (live In California)
Somewhere In HeavenMilagro
Somewhere In HeavenDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD2: Soul
Somewhere In HeavenMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD1)
Song For DevadipOneness: Silver Dreams - Golden Reality
Song For My BrotherThe Swing Of Delight
Song Of The WindCaravanserai
Song Of The WindDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD1: Heart
Song Of The WindThe Best Instrumentals
Song Of The WindSalsa, Samba & Santana
Songs Of FreedomFreedom
Sonny Boy Williamson (Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper)Playin' With Carlos
Soul SacrificeSan Francisco Mission District Live '69
Soul SacrificeSantana (Legacy Edition) CD1
Soul SacrificeSantana '68
Soul SacrificeLive At The Fillmore '68 CD2
Soul SacrificeDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD1: Heart
Soul SacrificeThe Best Instrumentals
Soul SacrificeSantana Jam
Soul SacrificeThe Woodstock Experience: Live 16/Aug/1969
Soul SacrificeAcapulco Sunrise
Soul Sacrifice (Alternate Take)Santana (Legacy Edition) CD1
Soul Sacrifice (Live At Woodstock)Santana (Legacy Edition) CD2
Soul Sacrifice (Original Album Session)Santana (Legacy Edition) CD2
Soul Sacrifice / Don't Try This At HomeSacred Fire: Live In South America
Soul Sacrifice/Head, Hands & Feet (Drum Solo)Moonflower (Legace Edition) CD2
Soweto (Africa Libre)Spirits Dancing In The Flesh
Spark Of The DivineShape Shifter
SpiritBeyond Appearances
SpiritMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD1)
SpiritsWelcome Back Home (live In California)
SpiritualLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD2
Spring ManifestationsBorboletta
Stand UpMarathon
Stay (Beside Me)Marathon
Stone FlowerLotus CD1
Stone FlowerCaravanserai
StormyInner Secrets
Straight To The Top (Stanley Clarke)Playin' With Carlos
Studio Jam (Album Session Outtake)Santana (Legacy Edition) CD1
Summer LadyMarathon
Sunshine Of Your Love (Ft. Rob Thomas)Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time
Swapan TariThe Swing Of Delight
Sweet Black Cherry PieDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD3: Spirit
TabooSantana III (Legacy Edition) CD1
Taboo (Live)Santana III (Legacy Edition) CD2
Take Me With YouAmigos
Tales Of KilimanjaroZebop!
Tales Of KilimanjaroHavana Moon
Tales Of KilimanjaroThe Best Instrumentals
TalkLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD1
TalkLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD1
TalkLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD1
Tell Me Are You TiredAmigos
The Calling (Featuring Eric Clapton)Supernatural
The Calling (Ft. Eric Clapton)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD1
The Calling Jam (Ft. Eric Clapton) (Previously Unissued)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD2
The Chosen HourOneness: Silver Dreams - Golden Reality
The Facts Of LoveInner Secrets
The Game Of Love (Featuring Michelle Branch)Shaman
The Game Of Love (Ft. Michelle Branch)Ultimate Santana
The Game Of Love (Ft. Tina Turner)Ultimate Santana
The HealerDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD3: Spirit
The Life DivineDivine Light
The NileShango
The RiverFestival
The RiverDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD2: Soul
The RiverMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD1)
The Sensitive KindZebop!
The TripSantana Brothers
The Way You Do To Me (Treat)San Francisco Mission District Live '69
They All Went To MexicoHavana Moon
This Boy's Fire (Ft. Jennifer Lopez And Baby Bash)Ultimate Santana
This Is ThisDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD3: Spirit
ThoughtsSantana Brothers
Too Late, Too Late (Gregg Rolie)Playin' With Carlos
Touchdown RaidersBeyond Appearances
Touchdown RaidersThe Best Instrumentals Vol. 2
Touchdown RaidersSalsa, Samba & Santana
Toussaint L'OvertureSantana III (Legacy Edition) CD1
Toussaint L'overtureLotus CD2
Toussaint L'OvertureSacred Fire: Live In South America
Toussaint L'OvertureDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD1: Heart
Toussaint L'OvertureThe Best Instrumentals Vol. 2
Toussaint L'OvertureSalsa, Samba & Santana
Toussaint L'OvertureLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD2
Toussaint L'Overture (Live 18.April.1970 Royal Albert Hall) (Bonus)Abraxas
Toussaint L'Overture (Live)Santana III (Legacy Edition) CD2
TrancendanceMoonflower (Legace Edition) CD2
Transformation Day (Excerpt From Houhaness' Mysterious Mountain)Oneness: Silver Dreams - Golden Reality
Transmutation / IndustrialSantana Brothers
TreatSantana (Legacy Edition) CD1
TreatLive At The Fillmore '68 CD1
TreatThe Best Instrumentals
Treat (Original Album Session)Santana (Legacy Edition) CD2
Trinity (With Kirk Hammett & Robert Randolph)All That I Am
Truth Don DieCeremony (Remixes & Rarities)
Try A Little HarderFestival
TussaintWelcome Back Home (live In California)
Twisted (With Anthony Hamilton)All That I Am
Two Points Of ViewBeyond Appearances
Una Noche En Napoles (Feat. Lila Downs, Nina Pastori & Soledad)Corazon
Under The Bridge (Ft. Andy Vargas)Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time
UnknownLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD2
Verao VermelhoFestival
Vereda TropicalHavana Moon
Verгo VermelhoThe Best Instrumentals Vol. 2
Victim Of CircumstanceFreedom
VictoryOneness: Silver Dreams - Golden Reality
Victory Is WonCeremony (Remixes & Rarities)
Victory Is WonShaman
Victory Is WonMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD2)
Virgin Morena (El Tri)Playin' With Carlos
Vive La VidaSacred Fire: Live In South America
WaitingSantana (Legacy Edition) CD1
WaitingLotus CD1
WaitingThe Woodstock Experience: Live 16/Aug/1969
Waiting (Live At Woodstock)Santana (Legacy Edition) CD2
Watch Your StepHavana Moon
Waves WithinCaravanserai
Waves WithinDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD1: Heart
We Don't Have To WaitMilagro
We've Got To Get Ourselves TogetherSan Francisco Mission District Live '69
Well All RightInner Secrets
WhamSalsa, Samba & Santana
Wham!Inner Secrets
What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)Shango
When I Look Into Your EyesWelcome
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Ft. India Arie & Yo-Yo Ma)Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time
Who Do You LoveHavana Moon
Who Loves YouBeyond Appearances
Who's That LadySpirits Dancing In The Flesh
Whole Lotta Love (Ft. Chris Cornell)Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time
Why Don't You & ICeremony (Remixes & Rarities)
Why Don't You & I (Featuring Chad Kroeger)Shaman
Why Don't You And I (Ft. Alex Band Of The Calling)Ultimate Santana
Wings Of GraceDance Of The Rainbow Serpent CD3: Spirit
Wishing It Was (Featuring Eagle-Eye Cherry)Supernatural
Wishing It Was (Ft. Eagle-Eye Cherry)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD1
With A Little Help From My FriendsAcapulco Sunrise
Woodstock Chant - Soul SacrificeLive Holmdel, NJ, 2012-07-25 [Bootleg] CD2
Written In SandBeyond Appearances
XibabaLotus CD1
Ya Yo Me Cure (Previously Unissued)Supernatural [2010 Legacy Edition] CD2
Yo Soy La Luz (Feat. Wayne Shorter & Cindy Blackman Santana)Corazon
You Are My Kind (Featuring Seal)Shaman
You Just Don't CareSantana (Legacy Edition) CD1
You Just Don't CareThe Woodstock Experience: Live 16/Aug/1969
You Just Don't Care (Live At Woodstock)Santana (Legacy Edition) CD2
You Know That I Love YouMarathon
Your TouchMilagro
Your TouchMulti Dimensional Warrior (CD1)
Yours Is The LightWelcome
Yours Is The LightLotus CD1
ZuluMoonflower (Legace Edition) CD1

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1. Dreamboat George Baker Selection
2. Dum Dum Girl Talk Talk
3. Hafanana Smolik Afric Simone
4. Dancing Queen (Longer UltraTraxx Remix) ABBA
5. A Day Off Henry Threadgill
6. Which Of Them Do You Love The Best Wizz Jones
7. Плот Юрий Лоза
8. Heartbreaker Pat Benatar
9. Dont You (Forget About Me) Billy Idol
10. Close To The Edge Yes
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