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mp3 Stanley Clarke

(не включая сборники и выступления с другими музыкантами)

'Bout The Bass1, 2, To The Bass
1, 2, To The Bass (Featuring Q-Tip)1, 2, To The Bass
3 Wrong NotesJazz In The Garden
All BluesLive At The Greek (With Larry Carlton, Billy Cobham, Deron Johnson & Najee)
All Blues (Live)This Is Jazz, Vol. 41
All Hell Broke LooseRocks, Pebbles And Sand
All Over AgainThe Toys Of Men
All The Children/Todos Los Ninos1, 2, To The Bass
Anna (She Loves The Good Life)1, 2, To The Bass
Anna MaeAt The Movies
Are You Ready (For The Future)Time Exposure
Back In The WoodsThe Toys Of Men
Bad AssesThe Toys Of Men
Bass Folk SongChildren Of Forever
Bass Folk Song #13: MingusThe Stanley Clarke Band: Up
Bass Folk Song #14: Dance Of The Giant Hummingbird...The Stanley Clarke Band: Up
Bass Folk Song #7 TraditionThe Stanley Clarke Band: Up
Bass Folk Song No 5 & 6Jazz In The Garden
Bass Folk Song No. 10The Stanley Clarke Band
Bass Folk Song No. 3Stanley Clarke Live 1976-1977
Bass Folk Song No. 6The Toys Of Men
Bass Folk Song No. 6 (Mo Anam Cara)The Stanley Clarke Band
Bassically TapsIf This Bass Could Only Talk
Between Love & MagicThe Bass-ic Collection
Black On Black CrimeAt The Movies
Blues For MingusI Wanna Play For You
Born In The U.S.A.Find Out!
Brain TrainingJazz In The Garden
Brazilian Love Affair (Dedicated To George Duke)The Stanley Clarke Band: Up
BroskiThe Toys Of Men
Buenos AiresLive At The Greek (With Larry Carlton, Billy Cobham, Deron Johnson & Najee)
Campo AmericanoFind Out!
Capital-Naty's ThemeAt The Movies
Children Of ForeverChildren Of Forever
Christmas In RioEast River Drive
Christmas In RioThis Is Jazz, Vol. 41
Chвteauvallon 1972The Toys Of Men
Classical Thump (Jam)Thunder
ClosingModern Man
Come OnThe Toys Of Men
Come Take My HandIf This Bass Could Only Talk
Concerto For Jazz- Rock Orchestra (Part 1)Journey To Love
Concerto For Jazz- Rock Orchestra (Part 2)Journey To Love
Concerto For Jazz- Rock Orchestra (Part 3)Journey To Love
Concerto For Jazz- Rock Orchestra (Part 4)Journey To Love
Danger StreetRocks, Pebbles And Sand
Danse Of The HarlequinVertu
DayrideStanley Clarke Live 1976-1977
DayrideModern Man
Deja's ThemeAt The Movies
Desert SongSchool Days
Desert SongStanley Clarke Live 1976-1977
Desert SongThis Is Jazz, Vol. 41
Don't Turn The Lights OutFind Out!
East River DriveEast River Drive
El Bajo NegroThe Toys Of Men
Fantasy LoveEast River Drive
Father And SonAt The Movies
Find OutFind Out!
FulaniThe Stanley Clarke Band
Funk Is Its Own RewardEast River Drive
Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)If This Bass Could Only Talk
FutureTime Exposure
Future ShockTime Exposure
GameThe Toys Of Men
Global TweakJazz In The Garden
Goodbye Pork Pie HatLive At The Greek (With Larry Carlton, Billy Cobham, Deron Johnson & Najee)
Goodbye Pork Pie HatIf This Bass Could Only Talk
Goodbye Pork Pie HatThis Is Jazz, Vol. 41
Got To Find My Own PlaceModern Man
Gotham CityThe Stanley Clarke Band: Up
Grandpa's ThemeAt The Movies
Hair1, 2, To The Bass
He Lives On (Story About The Last Journey Of A Warrior)Modern Man
Heaven Sent YouTime Exposure
Hello JeffThe Bass-ic Collection
Hello JeffJourney To Love
Her Favorite SongLive At The Greek (With Larry Carlton, Billy Cobham, Deron Johnson & Najee)
Here's Why Tears DryThe Stanley Clarke Band
HideawayGuitar & Bass
Higher Learning Main TitleAt The Movies
Hillbillies On A Quiet AfternoonThunder
Hmm HmmThe Toys Of Men
Hot FunThe Bass-ic Collection
Hot FunSchool Days
Hot FunGuitar & Bass
Hot Fun-closingI Wanna Play For You
How Is The Weather Up There?The Stanley Clarke Band
I Have Something To Tell You TonightThe Stanley Clarke Band: Up
I Just Want To Be Your BrotherLet Me Know You
I Know Just How You FeelTime Exposure
I Mean YouStandards
I Shall Not Be Moved1, 2, To The Bass
I Wanna Play For YouThe Bass-ic Collection
I Wanna Play For YouIf This Bass Could Only Talk
I Wanna Play For YouI Wanna Play For You
I Wanna Play For You TooThe Stanley Clarke Band
I'm Here To StayHideaway
I'm Home AfricaEast River Drive
If This Bass Could Only TalkIf This Bass Could Only Talk
IllegalEast River Drive
IllegalGuitar & Bass
Interlude: A Relaxed OccasionModern Man
Interlude: A Serious OccasionModern Man
Interlude: It's What She Did't SayModern Man
IsotopeJazz In The Garden
Jamaican BoyThe Bass-ic Collection
Jamaican BoyI Wanna Play For You
Jamaican BoyGuitar & Bass
JerusalemThe Toys Of Men
Journey To LoveThe Bass-ic Collection
Journey To LoveJourney To Love
Journey To LoveGuitar & Bass
Just A FeelingI Wanna Play For You
Just Cruzin' (En Hommage A Wes Montgomery, George Benson And Pat Martin)1, 2, To The Bass
Justice's GrooveEast River Drive
Justice's GrooveAt The Movies
Justice's GrooveGuitar & Bass
La Cancion De SofiaThe Toys Of Men
La Cancion De SofiaThe Stanley Clarke Band: Up
LabyrinthThe Stanley Clarke Band
Larry Has Traveled 11miles And Waited A Lifetime For The Return Of Vishnu's ReportThe Stanley Clarke Band
Last Train To SanityThe Stanley Clarke Band: Up
Lemme Try Your Bass (Interlude)Thunder
Let Me Know YouLet Me Know You
Life Is Just A GameSchool Days
Life Suite, Pt. 4Guitar & Bass
Life Suite, Pts. 1-4The Bass-ic Collection
Life Suite: Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4Stanley Clarke
Lil' VictaThunder
LisaAt The Movies
Listen To The Beat Of Your HeartHideaway
Lopsy LuStanley Clarke Live 1976-1977
Lopsy LuStanley Clarke
Lopsy LuGuitar & Bass
Lopsy Lu/Silly PuttyThunder
Lords Of The Low FrequenciesEast River Drive
Lords Of The Low FrequenciesGuitar & Bass
Los Caballos (The Horses)1, 2, To The Bass
Los Tres HermanosThunder
Lost In A ThoughtThe Bass-ic Collection
Lover ManStandards
Lucky AgainAt The Movies
Mack The KnifeStandards
Maestros De Las Frecuencias BajasThunder
Max's ThemeAt The Movies
MeetingAt The Movies
Minute By MinuteLive At The Greek (With Larry Carlton, Billy Cobham, Deron Johnson & Najee)
Modern ManModern Man
Mongoose WalkThunder
More Hot FunModern Man
Mothership Connection (Star Child)The Bass-ic Collection
My Greatest HitsI Wanna Play For You
My LifeFind Out!
My Love, Her InspirationHideaway
Never Lose Your Heart / There Lies The PassionEast River Drive
New York CityLet Me Know You
No MysteryThe Stanley Clarke Band
Now's The TimeStandards
Old FriendsHideaway
On Top Of The RainVertu
Opening (Statement)Modern Man
Paradigm Shift (Election Day 2008)Jazz In The Garden
Passenger 57 Main TitleAt The Movies
Play The BassTime Exposure
Play The BassLet Me Know You
Play The Bass 10Guitar & Bass
Pop VirgilThe Stanley Clarke Band: Up
PowerStanley Clarke
PowerGuitar & Bass
PsychedelicFind Out!
Quiet AfternoonSchool Days
Quiet AfternoonStanley Clarke Live 1976-1977
Quiet AfternoonI Wanna Play For You
Quiet Afternoon (Live)This Is Jazz, Vol. 41
Rock & Roll JellyThe Bass-ic Collection
Rock 'n' Roll JellyI Wanna Play For You
Rock'n'Roll JellyModern Man
Rocks, Pebbles And SandRocks, Pebbles And Sand
Sakura SakuraJazz In The Garden
Salt PeanutsStandards
School DaysThe Bass-ic Collection
School DaysLive At The Greek (With Larry Carlton, Billy Cobham, Deron Johnson & Najee)
School DaysSchool Days
School DaysStanley Clarke Live 1976-1977
School DaysI Wanna Play For You
School DaysGuitar & Bass
School DaysThe Stanley Clarke Band: Up
Sea JourneyChildren Of Forever
Secret To My HeartLet Me Know You
Shanti . Peace . Paz .1, 2, To The Bass
Sicilian BlueJazz In The Garden
Silly PuttyThe Bass-ic Collection
Silly PuttyJourney To Love
Silly PuttyStanley Clarke Live 1976-1977
Silly PuttyGuitar & Bass
Simply Said1, 2, To The Bass
Slow DanceModern Man
SolarJazz In The Garden
SoldierThe Stanley Clarke Band
Someday My Prince Will ComeJazz In The Garden
Somewhere (Bonus Track)The Stanley Clarke Band
Song To John (Part 1)Journey To Love
Song To John (Part 2)Journey To Love
Song To John, Pt. 1 (Dedicated To John Coltrane)This Is Jazz, Vol. 41
Song To John, Pt. 2 (Dedicated To John Coltrane)This Is Jazz, Vol. 41
Sonny RollinsThe Stanley Clarke Band
SpacerunnerTime Exposure
Spanish Phases For Strings & BassStanley Clarke
Spanish Phases For Strings & BassGuitar & Bass
Spanish Phases For Strings & BassThis Is Jazz, Vol. 41
SpeedballTime Exposure
Start It AgainVertu
SterotypicaFind Out!
Stories To TellIf This Bass Could Only Talk
Straight To The TopLet Me Know You
Strange WeatherI Wanna Play For You
StratusLive At The Greek (With Larry Carlton, Billy Cobham, Deron Johnson & Najee)
Take FiveStandards
Take The ColtraneJazz In The Garden
The Boys Of Johnson StreetHideaway
The CallVertu
The DancerSchool Days
The Force Of LoveLet Me Know You
The Learning CurveAt The Movies
The MagicianStanley Clarke Live 1976-1977
The Sky's The LimitFind Out!
The Story Of A Man An A Woman - Part 1- She Thought I Was Stanley ClarkeRocks, Pebbles And Sand
The Story Of A Man An A Woman - Part 2- A Fool AgainRocks, Pebbles And Sand
The Story Of A Man An A Woman - Part 3- I Nearly Went Crazy (Until I Realized What Had Occurred)Rocks, Pebbles And Sand
The Streets Of PhiladelphiaI Wanna Play For You
The Toys Of MenThe Toys Of Men
Theme From Boyz 'N The HoodAt The Movies
Theme From Boyz N The HoodEast River Drive
Time ExposureTime Exposure
Together AgainI Wanna Play For You
Topasio Es Puro Corazon, Part OneVertu
Topasio, Part TwoVertu
Touch (Live)1, 2, To The Bass
TraditionIf This Bass Could Only Talk
Trust (Dedicated To Nana)The Stanley Clarke Band: Up
Under The BridgeJazz In The Garden
UnderestimationRocks, Pebbles And Sand
UpThe Stanley Clarke Band: Up
Vulcan PrincessStanley Clarke Live 1976-1977
Vulcan PrincessStanley Clarke
Vulcan PrincessGuitar & Bass
We SupplyThe Bass-ic Collection
We SupplyRocks, Pebbles And Sand
What If I Forget The ChampagneEast River Drive
What If I Forgot The ChampagneThis Is Jazz, Vol. 41
What If I Should Fall In LoveFind Out!
When It's Cold OutsideHideaway
Where Do We GoHideaway
Where Is The Love (Featuring Glenn Lewis & Amel Larrieux)1, 2, To The Bass
Wild DogThe Bass-ic Collection
Workin' ManIf This Bass Could Only Talk
Yesterday PrincessStanley Clarke
You Are The One For MeLet Me Know You
You, Me TogetherRocks, Pebbles And Sand
Zabadoobeede (Yabadoobeeda)East River Drive
Zabadoobeede. (Yabadoobeeda!)Guitar & Bass

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музыка Stanley Clarke бесплатно

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7. Р.Паулс - Мелодия (из к/ф "Долгая дорога в дюнах", 1980) Советские песни
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