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King Bee

Комментарии к альбому Only On Good Days

antant 16:05, 17.08.2016 Дискография представлена на kingbee.bandcamp.com - шесть альбомов.
Свежий сборник демок, живых записей и пр. вышел в мае 2016.

2003, Sep. - "Only On Good Days" (1-й студийный. Можно скачивать)

2004, Feb. - "Live and it Ain't No Jive 2" (Можно скачивать)

2006, Sep. - "From Here..." (2-й студийный)

2009, Nov. - "Howl" (всего 4 трека - типа сингл. Можно скачивать)

2013, Jul. - "The Deer and The Bear" (3-й студийный).
All songs written by King Bee (2007-2010)
Pete Capo, Jaime Abigantus, Eric De Armas, Angel Suarez

2016, May - "for Posterity" (26 треков). A collection of unreleased tracks,
demos and live recordings aggregated for the sake of posterity.
antant 15:33, 17.08.2016 Бестолковый у них сайт (KingBeeHive.com), толком не найти ни участников банды, ни дискографии.

Состав, видимо, текучий. Из аннотаций ко второму альбому:

King Bee is rock n roll, gritty blues and soul rockabilly. Named after Slim Harpos swamp blues ballad, King Bee started motivating around Florida in 2000.
Together, Angel Suarez (vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion) and Pete Capo (lead guitar, backing vocals) wrote the music to what would become the album Only on Good Days. Going through dozens of players including Sven Pippien (current bass player for The Black Crowes. Also, played shortly with The Black Crowes for By Your Side, and Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes: Live at The Greek), they finally got together with:
Eric Garcia (harmonica), Jaime Abigantus (bass) and Sam Levine (drums).

With the release of their debut album, "Only on Good Days", King Bee has generated a local buzz in South Florida. Their intense live performances earned them opening spots for Leon Russell, Deep Banana Blackout, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Fishbone, Mofro and The Ska-talites. In 2004, King Bee was nominated one of Miamis best local bands (out of 50 local bands) by The Street Magazine (published by The Miami Herald), and their album was voted in the top 10 best local releases for that year.
antant 14:39, 17.08.2016 Путаница с этим названием. Таких групп - куча. В общем, про Орегон - это лажа, они южане.

King Bee brings it dirty and gritty with a whole lotta soul. Hard knockin', feet stompin', rollin and a rockin "Live and it ain't no jive." Fuse down home southern style Rock-n-Roll, classic blues, a pinch of funk, with a whole lotta jam and you get King Bee. This is South Florida's newest edition to the Dirty South Music scene. There's no gimmick to this hard working streetwise band.
antant 14:35, 17.08.2016 2013:
King Bee's posthumous release of their 3rd album "The Deer and The Bear". Recorded from 2007-2010, the album showcases King Bee's pinnacle work, completed shortly before the abrupt departure of their lead singer and imminent demise.
antant 14:20, 17.08.2016 Biography
Nestled comfortably in between Jimi’s E-chord when he chops off that mountain, and the moment Glenn Kotche is playing that 3/4 beat over Tweedy’s 4/4 rhythm is where King Bee plays their Rock ‘n Roll.
Caught up in hanging the overhead mic like Glynn Johns did over the kit before Bonham laid down “…the Levee”. Just before the Beastie Boys used it on their hit track.
But all this is too deep for a town that needs more subs than it does tweeters.
In Miami, King Bee is a band lavishing in an uncool world.
The dives are too small, and the velvet rope just doesn’t get it.
In response, they’ve created a traveling anti-venue, where all you need to be a member is a love for live music and a good time. Whether in an art gallery, under the laser light of a planetarium or in a warehouse with a couple of kegs, King Bee resonates to a capacity crowd.
Like scuffing a fresh pair of Chucks, little did we know, we just linked Miami to the rest of America.

Opened up for Fishbone, Leon Russel, the Radiators, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Deep Banana Blackout, JJ Grey and Mofro, Blackwater Surprise and the Ska-talites.
Shared the stage with members of the Lee Boys and the Black Crowes.
Singled out in 2004 as one of Miami’s top bands according to Street Magazine (a Miami Hearld Publication).
Put together a local music and art showcase at our local Planetarium that drew a crowd of over 500 paid attendees totaling over 700 patrons.
Self-Released 2 full albums.
The album “Only On Good Days” received the honor of “One of Miami’s Top 10 Albums of the year” according to Street Magazine (a Miami Herald Publication).
Currently working on 3rd full length release.
antant 14:19, 17.08.2016 "King Bee" (KingBeeHive.com) was a band formed in Portland, Oregon in 1976 and consisted of:
- Fred Cole on vocals and guitar,
- Mark Sten on bass,
- Pat Conner on drums.

Cole had sung and written songs for bands such as "The Weeds" (also known as "Lollipop Shoppe"), and "Zipper", but "King Bee" marked his debut as a guitarist. According to Cole's wife (Conner's sister) Toody, the band initially sounded "grungy, rhythm and bluesy, swampy" but "happened to get a spot playing in Portland on the bill with 'The Ramones' the first time they came through."
King Bee was inspired by the high-energy punk sounds of 'The Ramones', and in 1978 released the low fidelity single "Hot Pistol" on Cole's Whizeagle label. However, the band soon folded, and Cole's frustration with short-lived lineups led him to teach his wife Toody how to play bass, leading to the formation of "The Rats" and later "Dead Moon".

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