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(Alternative Metal, Black Metal, British Metal, Dark Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Folk Metal, Gothic Metal, Grindcore, Groove Metal, Hair Metal, Heavy Metal, Industrial Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Neo-Classical Metal, New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWoBHM), Nu Metal, Pagan Metal, Pop Metal, Power Metal, Punk Metal, Rap-Metal, Scandinavian Metal, Sludge Metal, Speed Metal, Stoner Metal, Symphonic Metal, Thrash Metal, Viking Metal)

(hed) Planet Earth 10 Years
1000 Odios 12 Ton Sledge
3 Doors Down 3 Inches Of Blood
36 Crazy Fists 40 Below Summer
500 Ft. Of Pipe 7 Horns 7 Eyes
7 Seconds 7000$
A Javelin Reign A Life Once Lost
A Loathing Requiem A Need For Reason
A Storm Of Light A Thousand Knives Of Fire
A Tortured Soul A.R.G.
AC Angry AC/DC
ADX Abdicate
Abigor Abnormyndeffect
Aborted Aborym
Abraxas (Germany) Abriosis
Abruptum Abstract Spirit
Absu Acacia
Acao Direta Accept
Accuracy Accuser
Ace Frehley Acheron
Acid King Acid Storm
Acrimony Across Tundras
Act Of Gods Action! (Japan)
Adagio Adelitas Way
Adiastasia Adler's Appetite
Admiral Angry Adnauseam
Adrenaline Mob Aeon Aphelion
Aerosmith Aether Realm
Aethernaeum African Corpse
After Forever AfterDreams
Aftermath Agalloch
Agamendon Agathodaimon
Agatus (Greece) Age Of Torment
Ageless (Japan) Agent Steel
Aghora Agiel
Agona Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Aherusia Airbourne
Airged L'Amh Ajattara
Akercocke Al-Namrood
Alastis Alcatrazz
Alestorm Alexander Paul Blake
Algetic Alice Cooper
Alice In Chains Alien Ant Farm
Alister Hag Alkatrazz (UK)
Alkerdeel All Out War
All Shall Perish All That Remains
Allen - Lande Ally The Fiddle
Almah Alter Bridge
Amaran Amaseffer
Amazing Maze Amberian Dawn
Ambersmoke Amederia
American Dog American Head Charge
Amiensus Amon Amarth
Among Thieves Amoral
Amorphis Anacrusis
Anal Cunt Anathema
Ancestors Ancesttral
Ancient Ceremony Ancient Rites
Ancient Wisdom Andi Deris
Andi Deris & The Bad Bankers Andre Andersen
Andrew W. K. Andromeda (Sweden)
Andy James Andy Timmons
Anesthesia (Germany) Anesthesia (US)
Angel Dust (Germany) Angel Witch
Angelcorpse (Angel Corpse) Angels & Demons (RU)
Angels Of Babylon Angra
Angtoria Anialator
Anihilated Animals As Leaders
Animator (Ireland) Animator (US)
Antestor Anthem
Anthrax Anthropia
Anti Tank Nun Antichrisis
Anvil (Canada) Anvil Bitch
Aortic Regurgitation Apocalyptica
Appearance Of Nothing April Divine
April Wine Arakain
Arbitrator Arbogast
Arch Enemy Archeon
Architects Of The Aftermath Arcturus
Ares Kingdom Ari Koivunen
Arida Vortex Arkaea
Arkan Armageddon
Armageddon (Sweden) Armageddon Rev. 16:16
Armored Saint Armory
Arryan Path (Arrayan Path) Artas
Artension Arthemesia
Arthemis Artical
Artillery Artizan
Artrosis Arven
As Autumn Calls As Eden Burns
As I Lay Dying As You Drown
Ascendancy (US) Aschenglas
Ashes Of Ares Ashes You Leave
Ashkara Ashton, Gardner, Dyke & Co.
Aska Asomvel
Asperity Asphalt Ballet
Asphalt Wasteland Assuck
Astarte Astral Doors
Astroqueen Asylum Pyre
At The Gates Atheist
Athelstan Atoll
Atomic Head Atomizer
Atomkraft Atrax Morgue
Atreyu Atrocity
Atrophy Atten Ash
Attentat Rock Attitude Adjustment
Attomica Audioslave
Audioweb Aurora Borealis
Austrian Death Machine Authorize
Auto-De-Fe Autopsy
Autopsya Autumnblaze
Autumnia Avantasia
Avatarium Avenged Sevenfold
Avenger (UK) Avenger Of Blood
Axel Rudi Pell Axewitch
Axxion Axxis
Ayreon Azoria
Azrath XI Babylon Sad
Bacchus Baracus Backwater (Germany)
Bad Face Bad Guys
Badlands Badmotorfinger
Bal-Sagoth Balfor (Ukraine)
Bane Of Winterstorm Bang Tango
Barathrum Barbarion
Baron Rojo Barque Of Dante
Barren Earth Bastardator (Canada)
Bathory Battalion (Australia)
Battalion (Belgium, Antwerp) Battalion (Brazil)
Battalion (US, Wisconsin) Battle Beast
Battle Path Battle Ram
BattleAxe Battlecross
Battlelore Battlesoul
Battlezone Beast In The Field
Beastwars Beatallica
Beautiful Creatures Bedlam
Behemoth Beherit
Behexen Believer
Belphegor Ben Moody
Beneath The Massacre Benediction
Benedictum Benefit
Benevolent Beseech
Besieged Bethlehem
Beto Vazquez Infinity Betrayer (Canada)
Betty Blowtorch Between The Buried And Me
Betzefer Beyond Creation
Beyond Twilight Bifrost
Big Business Bigelf
Bill Wyman Billy Joel
Billy Sheehan Biohazard
Biomechanical Bison B.C.
Black 'N Blue Black Autumn
Black Diamond Black Fast
Black Fire (Peru) Black Label Society
Black Majesty Black Moth Cult
Black NASA Black Oath
Black Sabbath Black Stone Cherry
Black Succubi Black Widow
Blackfinger Blackthorne
Blackwelder Blackwitch Pudding
Blaspheme Blasphemous
Blaze Bayley Bleeding Crowns
Bleeding Through Blessed By A Broken Heart
Blessed Death Blind Alley
Blind Dog Blind Fury
Blind Guardian Blindside Blues Band
Blitzkrieg Blohole
Blood Ceremony Blood Money
Bloodbath Bloodhorse
Bloodhound Gang Bloodline (Sweden)
Bloodmoon Bloodpit
Bloodride Bloodthorn
Bloody (Brazil) Bloody Chain
Bloody Hammers Bloody Roots
Bloody Six Blue Cheer
Blue Oyster Cult Blues Saraceno
Bob Catley Bobaflex
Body Count Bodyfarm
Bohse Onkelz Bolt Thrower
Bon Jovi Bongzilla
Bonham Bonjour Tristesse
Boris Borknagar
Born For Bliss Born Of Osiris
Brad Gillis Brainamputated
Braindamage Brainstorm (LV)
Brand New Sin Breaker (US)
Breaking Benjamin Brian May
Brick Bath Brighton Rock
Brimstone Coven Bring Me The Horizon
British Lions Britny Fox
Broken Arrow Broken Hope
Bronx Brother Firetribe
Bruce Dickinson Bruce Kulick
Brujeria Brutal Truth
Brutality Buckcherry
Buckethead Budgie
Bulldozer Bullet (Sweden)
Bullet For My Valentine Burden Of A Day
Burden Of Grief Burdon Of Grief
Burning Point Burning Tree
Burnt By The Sun Bury Your Dead
Burzum Cacophony
Cactus Cadaveria
Callenish Circle Camarosmith
Can Of Worms Cancer
Candiria Candle Serenade
Candlemass Cannibal Corpse
Capharnaum Carbide
Carbonized Carcass
Cardiant Carmine Appice
Carnal Lust Carnifex
Carnival In Coal Carnivora
Carnivore Caro (Denmark)
Carpathian Forest Castevet
Catamenia Catharsis (US, CA)
Cathedral (UK) Cattle Decapitation
Celestial Season Celesty
Celtic Frost Cemetarium
Cemetary Centauro (Mexico)
Centaurus-A Cephalic Carnage
Chalice Of Doom Channel Zero
Chaos Asylum Chaos Synopsis
Charged Charlie Shred
Charn Charon
Chastain Cheer-Accident
Chevelle Children Of Bodom
Chimaira Chris Caffery
Chris Poland Chris Von Rohr
Chrome Division Chrome Hoof
Chrome Locust Chrome Masters
Chrome Molly Church Of Misery
Cinderella Circle Jerks
Cirith Ungol Civil War
Cky Clawfinger
Clenched Fist Clockhammer
Cloven Hoof Coal Chamber
Coffins Coheed And Cambria
Cold Cold Cold Ground
Coldseed Coldspell
Collision (Netherlands) Colonel Claypool's Bucket Of Bernie Brains
Colosseum Coma (Italy)
Compos Mentis Coney Hatch
Conflicted Constant Paranoia
Constantine Construct
Contraband Contradiction
Control Denied Coprofago
Cornerstone Coroner
Corpus Mortale Corrosion Of Conformity
Costa Gravos Count Raven
Courageous Cozy Powell
Craaft Craar
Cradle Of Filth Crashdiet
Craving Crazy Anglos
Crazy Town Crazyfists
Crazytown Creature
Crematory Criminal
Crimson Glory Crimson Wind
Crisix Cro-Mags
Cronian Cronos
Crossplane Crossroads (Germany)
Crowbar (US) Crowhead
Crucified Barbara Cry Of Pain
Cry Of Silence Cry Wolf
Cryonic Temple Cryptic Rising
Cryptic Slaughter Cryptopsy
Crystal Ball Crystal Eyes
Crystal Viper Cubanate
Cull The Heard Cult Of Fire (Czech Republic)
Cult Of Luna Cultura Tres
Curse Curse The Son
Cyanotic Cyclone
Cynic (US) Cyperus
D.A.D. D.C. Cooper
DX Daath
Daemon Daemon (Denmark)
Daemonarch Damageplan
Damascus (UK) Damn The Machine
Damn Yankees Dan Swano
Danko Jones Danzig
Dario Mollo & Tony Martin Dark Angel
Dark Avenger Dark Flood
Dark Forest (UK) Dark Funeral
Dark Horizon Dark Legions
Dark Moor Dark Nova
Dark Tranquillity Darkane
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult Darkest Hour
Darklin Reach Darkseed
Darkthrone Dauntless
David "Rock" Feinstein David Byron
David Coverdale & Jimmy Page David Lee Roth
David Reece Dawn Of Destiny
Dawnrider Daylight Dies
Days Of Loss De Arma
De Profundis (UK) De Van
Dead Asylum Dead Beat
Dead By April Dead End Finland
Dead Samaritan Dead Shape Figure
Dead Soul Dead Whore
Deadlock Deadsoul Tribe
Deafheaven Deals Death
Deangersmith Dearly Beheaded
Death (US, FL) Death Angel
Death Dealer (US) Death Mechanism
Death Rides A Horse Death SS
Death Strike Deathchain
Deathronic Deathspell Omega
Deathwish Debauchery (Germany)
Decadence (Belgium) Decapitated
Decaying Decimation (US, OH)
Dee Snider Deeds Of Flesh
Deep Deep Purple
Def Leppard Def-Con-One
Defaced Creation Defender (Netherlands)
Deficiency Defleshed
Deftones Deicide
Dejadeath Dekapitator
Delain Demencia (Chile)
Dementor Demians
Demolition Hammer Demon
Demon Eyes Demon Hunter
Demona Demoniac
Demonicon (US) Demons & Wizards
Denet Denners Trickbag
Derek Sherinian Desaster
Desert Storm Desilence
Despised Icon Dessiderium
Destiny Potato Destroy The Runner
Destruction Detente
Detest Dethonator
Dethroned In Ruins Deus Mortuus
Devariem Deveykus
Device (US) Devil You Know
DevilDriver Devilish Distance
Devilment Devin Townsend
Devon Allman's Honeytribe Dew Scented
Dia De Los Muertos Diablo
Diabolical Masquerade Diabolos Dust
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Die Happy
Die Krupps Die Toten Hosen
Diecast Diesel Machine
Dimmu Borgir Dinkumoil
Dio Dionysus
Dirty Diamond Dirty Tricks
Disavowed Disbelief
Disfear Disfigured Divinity
Disharmonic Orchestra Dissection (Sweden)
Disturbed (US, IL) Disturbed (US, MN)
Divine Empire Divlje Jagode
Dixie Witch Dizastor
Djinn And Miskatonic Dodheimsgard
Dodsferd Dog Fashion Disco
Dokken Dolorian
Domination (Greece) Dominici
Dominion (Sweden) Don Johnson Big Band
Doom (Japan) Dope
Dope Stars Inc. Dordeduh
Doro Dorsal Atlantica
Dorso Down
Down For Five Downthesun
Dr. Barmental Draconian
Dragging The Casket Dragonforce
Dragonhammer Dragonland
Dragonlord Dragonsclaw
Dragonsfire Drain STH
Draugr Dreadful Shadows
Dreadnought Dream Child
Dream Evil Dream Police
Dreamaker Dreaming
Dreams Of Damnation Dreams Of Sanity
Dreamtale Dredg
Dresden (US) Drowning Pool
Drunk Horse Dry Cell
Dry Kill Logic Dub Buk
DuskMachine Dust Bolt
Dust For Life Dust To Dust
Dustsucker Dweezil Zappa
Dying Fetus Dying Gorgeous Lies
Dynazty Dynfari
Dysthymia Ea
Eagles Earshot
Earthquake Earthshaker (Japan)
Echobrain Eddie Ojeda
Eden Weint Im Grab Eden's Curse
Edenbridge Edgar Broughton Band
Edge Of Forever Edge Of Sanity
Edguy Edu Falaschi
Eeriness Egypt Central
Einherjer Eisbrecher
Eisenherz Eisregen
Ektomorf Eldritch
Electric Boys Electric Taurus
Electric Wizard Electro_Nomicon
Elend Eleventeen
Eluveitie Elvenking
Elvenpath Elysion
Emerald Sun Emigrate
Eminence (Brazil) Emmure
EmpatiC Emperor
Empyrium End Of Green
Endless Pain Endo
Enemy Of The Sun Enertia
English Dogs Ensiferum
Enslaved Enslavement Of Beauty
Enthroned Entombed
Entombed A.D. Entwine
Enuff Z'Nuff Epitaph
Equilibrium Eradicator
Erazor Erimha
Eryops Escape (France)
Essence Essence Of Sorrow
Eternal Dirge Europe
Evanescence Eve 6
Evergrey Evertale
Evidence One Evil (Denmark)
Evilyn Strange Exalted Saviour
Excelsis Excidium
Executer Execution
Exhale Exhorder
Exhumation (Greece) Exhumator
Exhumed Exlibris
Exmortus Exodus
Explosicum Exterminio (Brazil)
Extol Extreme
Extreme Noise Terror Exumer
Exventer Exxperior
Eyefear Eyehategod
Eyes Set To Kill F.K.U.
F.O.B. Faff-Bey
Faith No More Faithful Breath
Faktion Falconer
Falkenbach Fallen Fucking Angels
Falls Of Rauros Fallzone
Fantomas Faraday Space
Farscape (Brazil) Faster Pussycat
Fatality Fate
Fates Warning Fear Factory
Fear Itself Fear My Thoughts
Feared Fiakra
Fightstar Filter (China)
Finger Eleven Fingertight
Finntroll Firewind
Five Eyes Wide Five Finger Death Punch
Flaw Flesh Consumed
Fleshgod Apocalypse Flight Of The Seraphim
Flotsam And Jetsam Flowing Tears
Flybanger Flyer
Flyleaf Foghat
Folkvang Forest Stream
Forever Storm Forgotten Silence
Forgotten Woods Fozzy
Fraud Freak Kitchen
Freedom Call Frigoris
Front 242 Frontside
Frostreich Frosttide
Frozen By Fire Frumpy
Fu Manchu Fuck Off
Fuel Fueled By Fire
Full Devil Jacket Full Scale
Furbowl G.B.H.
Gaia Epicus Galactic Cowboys
Galaktik Cancer Squad Gallhammer
Gama Bomb Game Over
Gamma Ray Gary Schutt
Gaschamber Gates Of Hell
Gehenna Gehennah
Generation Kill Generous Maria
Genghis Tron Gengis Khan
Geoff Tate Ghost Brigade
Ghostrider Giant
Gillan & Glover Girl On Fire
Girlschool Giuntini Project
Give Us Barabba Glenn Danzig
Glenn Hughes Glenn Hughes & Geoff Downes
Glenn Hughes & Joe Lynn Turner Glenn Tipton
Glory Bells Gloryful
Goatess God Seed
God-Shroud Goddo
Godflesh Godgory
Gods Tower Godslave
Godsmack Gonoreas
Gorefest Gorefield
Gorgoroth Gorguts
Gotthard Graham Bonnet
Grand Magus Granicus
Grave Grave Digger
Grave Flowers Gravehill
Graveland Gravestone
Graveworm Gravity Kills
Great White Greeley Estates
Green Carnation Greg Howe
Greg Lake Grendel
Grinder Grip Inc.
Gris (Canada) Groteskh
Guano Apes Guillotine (Brazil)
Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Gun (60's)
Gun Barrel Guns N' Roses
Gunshot Bride Guru Guru
H-Blockx H.I.M.
HARLOTT Hagalaz Runedance
Haggard (Germany) Hail Of Bullets
Hail Spirit Noir Haive
Haji's Kitchen Halestorm
Halford Halfway To Gone
Hallows Eve HammerFall
Hammercult Hammered (Italy)
Hammered (US) Hammers Of Misfortune
Handful Of Hate Hanoi Rocks
Happy End (RU) Harbinger (US)
Harem Scarem Hark
Harmonic Generator Harmony
Haste The Day Hatebreed
Hatesphere Hatriot
Haven Havok (Sweden)
Havok (US) Hawkwind
Head Control System Headpins
Heatseeker Heaven Shall Burn
Heaven's Cry Heavens Fire
Heavenwood Heavy Load
Heavy Metal Kids Heavy Pettin
Hecate Enthroned Heimdall
Heldmaschine (Volkerball) Helheim
Helker Hell (UK)
Hell City Hell's Domain
Hell:ON HellArise
Hellbastard Hellbent
Hellcannon Hellfire
Hellgoat Hellion
Hellish War Hellmouth
Helloween Hellride
Hellyeah Helstar
Hemoragy Heretic (Netherlands)
Herman Frank Hero Destroyed
Heroes Of War Herrschaft
Hevein Hevisaurus
Hex Hexen (US, NJ)
Hexenhaus Hexx
Hiata Hibria
High Tide High Voltage (RU)
Hirax Hollenthon
Hollow Leg Holy Cross (France)
Holy Moses Holy Mount
Hopesfall Horn (Germany)
Horna Hortus Animae
Hot Action Cop House Of Heavy
Howling (US) Human Fortress
Huntress Hurlement
Hurt Hyades
Hybris (UK) Hydrogyn
Hyghlander Hyksos
Hypnogaja Hypocrisy
I Ian Gillan
Ian Parry Icarus Witch
Iced Earth Icy Steel
Idiot Flesh Ihsahn
Ill Nino Illdisposed
Illogicist Iluvatar
Imindain Immolation
Immortal Impactor
Impaled Impaled Nazarene
Impaler (US) Impalers
Impellitteri Impetigo
In Darkness In Extremo
In Flames In Mourning
In Ruins In Solitude (Sweden)
In The Woods In This Moment
InMe Incantation
Incubus Indukti
Inepsy Infectious Grooves
Inferior Infernal
Infinita Symphonia Inflikted
Iniquity Injury
Inner Thought Insaintfication
Insane Clown Posse Insanity (Brazil)
Inside It Grows Insomnium
Internal Corrosion Internal Suffering
Internal Void Into Century
Invasion (Sweden) Invocator
Irdorath Irminsul
Iron Age Iron Angel
Iron Butterfly Iron Fire
Iron Heel Iron Jaws
Iron Kingdom Iron Maiden
Iron Mask Iron Monkey
Iron Savior IronHeart
Isanta Meidan Isengard
It Is I JAR (Canada)
Jack The Stripper Jag Panzer
Jake E. Lee Jane's Addiction
Jarle H. Olsen Jay-Z And Linkin Park
Jeff Loomis Jennifer Batten
Jerry Cantrell Jesse Damon
Jetboy Jex Thoth
Jillson Jim Pembroke
Job For A Cowboy Joe Lynn Turner
John Norum John Paul Jones
John Zorn Johnny Booth
Jon Butcher Jon Lord
Jorn Jorn Lande & Trond Holter
Judas Iscariot Judas Priest
Judd Madden Jungle Rot
Jupiter Society KISS
Kaamos Kaamos (Sweden)
Kabat Kalmah
Kamaedzitca Kamelot
Kampfar Kanashimi
Karma To Burn Karnak
Kataklysm Katatonia
Kauan Kayser
Kee Marcello's K2 Keep Of Kalessin
Kelly Osbourne Kemuri
Ken Hensley Kenziner
Kerry Livgren Ketha
Khold Kick Axe
Kidneythieves Kill Devil Hill
Kill Division Kill Ritual
Killer Be Killed Killer Dwarfs
Killer Moon Killinger
Killjoy Killswitch Engage
King Diamond King Kobra
King's X Kingdom Of Salvation
Kingdom Of Sorrow Kings Destroy
Kip Winger Kittie
Kiuas Koldborn
Komatsu Konkhra
Kopperfield Korn
Korova Korzus
Kotipelto Kotiteollisuus
Kottonmouth Kings Kovenant (Covenant)
Kraptor (Venezuela) Kreator
Krieg Krisiun
Kroda Krypteria
Kyuss L'ame Immortelle
L.A. Guns L7
Laaz Rockit Lacerate
Lacerated And Carbonized Lacrimas Profundere
Lacrimosa Lacuna Coil
Lady Reaper Lair Of The Minotaur
Lake Of Tears Lanfear
Lapsus Dei Last Tribe
Lavatory LawShed
Lawnmower Deth Leadfoot
Leaf Hound Leash Eye
Leatherwolf Leaves' Eyes
Led Zeppelin Legen Beltza
Legend Legion (Spain)
Legion (US) Legion Of The Damned
Leider Lemming Project
Lenore S. Fingers Lesbian
Lethal (Argentina) Letter 7
Letzte Instanz Levania
Level 10 (Russell Allen & Mat Sinner) Leverage
Lies Of Smiles Life After Death
Ligeia Like A Storm
Lillian Axe Limbonic Art
Limp Limp Bizkit
Linkin Park Lion Twin
Lionsheart Liquid Steel
Lita Ford Litterer
Liveride Living Colour
Living Death Living Loud
Living Sacrifice Livsnekad
Lizard Queen Lizzy Borden
Lo-Pro Lonewolf
Lord (Australia) Lord Belial
Lord Sutch Lords Of Black
Lost Bottles Lost Horizon
Lost Society Lostprophets
Loudblast Loudness
Lowbau Luca Turilli
Lucid Dreaming Lucifer's Friend
Ludichrist Lunar Explosion
Lunatic Invasion Lunatic Medlar
Lunatica Lustre
Lyken21 Lynch Mob
M-80 M.O.D.
M8l8th MOTW Dark Side
MX (Brazil) MaYaN
Macabre Macbeth (Germany)
Machine Head Machines Of Grace
Mactatus Mad Hatter's Den
Mad Mav Mad Max
Madball Made Out Of Babies
Magic Kingdom Magica
Magnitude 9 Mago De Oz
Mahogany Rush Majestic Vanguard
Majesty Maleficium Arungquilta
Malevolent Creation Malicious Death
Mallet-Head Man
Man Must Die Man Of The Hour
Manegarm Mangled Torsos
Maniac Spider Trash Manic Street Preachers
Manigance Manilla Road
Manowar Mantus
Manzano Marchenbilder
Marduk Margenta
Marilyn Manson Mark Boals
Markonee Marty Friedman
Mass Infection Master Fury
Masterplan Masters Of Disguise
Masters Of Reality Mastic Scum
Mastodon Mat Sinner
Mattador Mattias "IA" Eklundh
Max Webster Mayhem
Mazo McGuinness Flint
Mean Streak Meat Loaf
Mechina Meduza
Megadeth Megahera
Megaherz Mehida
Mekong Delta Meliah Rage
Melissa Melvins
Memento Mori Memorain
Mephisto (Germany) Mercenary
Mercyful Fate Meridian (Denmark)
Meridian (US) Meshuggah
Mesmerize Messenger
Messiah Force Metal Church
Metal Inquisitor Metal Majesty
Metal Militia Metal Raign
Metalhead (Germany) Metalium
Metallica Metalord
Metalsteel Methods Of Mayhem
Michael Schenker Michael Schenker Group
Micky Moody Milwaukee Wildmen
Mindfeeder Ministry
Minotaur (Germany) Minotauro
Minsk Misanthrope
Miserium Misery Index
Misery Loves Co. Mistaken Element
Mistweaver Mithotyn
Mob Rules Moby Dick (Hungary)
Mogul Thrash Mokoma (Finland)
Molotov Monarque
Mongo Ninja Monolith (Canada)
Monolithe Monster Magnet
Montany Montezuma's Revenge
Montrose Mooncry
Moonsorrow Moonspell
Morbid Angel Morbid Saint
Morgoth Mors Principium Est
Mortal Form Mortal Sin
Mortiis Mortillery
Mos Generator Mother's Love
Motley Crue Motorhead
Motorjesus Mourning Beloveth
Mourning Widows Mr. Big
Mr. Bungle Mudvayne
Mugsy Croftshire Mundanus Imperium
Municipal Waste Murderdolls
Mushroomhead Mustasch
Mutant Squad Mutiny Within
My Children My Bride My Dying Bride
My Hero Is Me My Ruin
My Shameful My Sister's Machine
Mystery (Australia) Mystery Blue
Mystic Circle Mystic Prophecy
Mystifier Mystrez
Naam Nahemah
Naio Ssaion Naked City (US, NY)
Napalm Death Narcotic Wasteland
Nargaroth Narjahanam
Nation Despair Nautiluz
Neaera Necrodemon
Necromantia Negative Creeps
Negura Bunget Nelson
Nervosa Neuraxis
Neuronspoiler Nevada Tan
Never Awake Nevermore
Newsted Next (Mexico)
Niagara (France) Nickelback
Nifelheim Nigel Foxxe's Inc. (Thanatos Inc.)
Night Mistress Night Ranger
Nightglow Nightrage
Nightwish Nile
Nine Inch Nails Noctes
Nocturnal Breed Nocturnal Depression
Nocturnal Rites Nocturnus
Noize Machine Nokturnal Mortum
Nomad Son Nonpoint
Norhod Norther
Northwind (Greece) Nostradameus
Not Fragile Novembers Doom
Novon Now Or Never
Nuclear Assault Nuclear Omnicide
O.S.I. Obelyskkh
Obituary Obliteration (Norway)
Obsidian Gate Obsidian Kingdom
Obsidieth Ocean Towers
Octinomos October Tide
Odradek Room Old Funeral
Old Man's Child Omar Rodriguez Lopez
Onanizer One Man Army And The Undead Quartet
One Minute Silence One Night Stand
Onesidezero Onslaught
Onward Oomph!
Oozing Wound Opera IX
Opeth Orange Goblin
Orgy Orphanage
Orphaned Land Osiris
Ostrogoth Otargos
Otep Otherwise
Otyg Our Souls (Germany)
Out Of Yesteryear Ov Hollowness
Overkill Overmars
Overthrow (UK) Overtorture
Overtures Oyhra
Ozirisz Ozzy Osbourne
P.O.D. Pagan's Mind
Pagandom Paganizer
Paice, Ashton & Lord Pain
Pain Of Salvation Painted In Blood
Palace Pallas
Pan.Thy.Monium Pandorium
Pantera Panzer
Panzerchrist Papa Roach
Paradise Lost Parakletos
Parasite Inc Parkway Drive
Patriarca Paul Di'Anno
Paul Gilbert Paul Kantner And Grace Slick
Paul Stanley Pazuzu
Peacemaker Peccatum
Peer Gunt Pegazus
Penance Perc3ption
Perfecitizen Perfect Rage
Permanent Midnight Perpetual
Persuader Perzonal War
Pest Pestilence
Pestilentia Peter Criss
Phantom Glue Phantom Lord (RU)
Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals Philip Lynott
Photophobia Pikku-Orava
Pillar Pillbuster
Pinnacle Pissing Razors
Pitbull Daycare Pitchshifter
Place Of Skulls Plague Angels
Planet X Pleymo
Plow Pluribus
Poets Of The Fall Poison
Poisonblack Polaris (Germany)
Polarization Polkadot Cadaver
Pombagira Portall
Possessed Potential Threat
Poverty's No Crime Power Trip
Power Unit Powerman 5000
Powerwolf Praying Mantis
Predatory (Brazil) Predatory Violence
Prematory Present
President Evil Presto Ballet
Pretty Maids Prey On The Fallen
Primal Fear Primal Waters
Primitai Primus
Pro-Pain Probot
Project Pain Prong
Protector Pryapisme
Psycho (Spain) Psychobolia
Psychotic Waltz Psyclon Nine
Psycroptic Puddle Of Mudd
Pungent Stench Puny Human
Pure Inc. Purgatory (UK)
Pursuit Of Power Putrid Pile
Pyogenesis Pyrexia
Q5 Quarashi
Queen Queen Anne's Revenge
Queens Of The Stone Age Queensryche
Quiet Riot Quix
Quo Vadis (Canada) Quorthon
RA RAW (Germany, Mannheim)
Racer X Rage
Rage (UK) Rage Against The Machine
Raging Slab Railway
Rainbow Raintime
Rakoth Ram Jam
Ram-Zet Rammer
Ramming Speed Rammstein
Rancor Raped God 666
Raped God 666 / Black Torment Raped God 666 / Incinerator / Antacid
Rata Blanca Ratt
Raunchy Raven
Raventhrone Razormaze
Raсer X Re-Animator
ReAnima ReVamp
Reactor (RU) Reanimator
Reaper Rebel Meets Rebel
Reclusiam Red
Red Giant Released Anger
Released Anger / Dead City Repugnant
Requiem (Slovenia) Resuscitator
Revenge (Greece) Reverted
Revis Revocation
Revolution Renaissance Revolution Within
Revtend Rezinwolf
Rhapsody Rhapsody Of Fire
Rhino Bucket Richie Kotzen
Rictus Grin Riftwalker
Rik Emmett Ring Of Fire
Rings Of Saturn Rintrah
Riot Riot V
Rising Faith Rising Storm
Ritchie Blackmore Rivers Of Nihil
Riverside Roadsaw
Rob Rock Rob Zombie
Robert Rodrigo Rocka Rollas
Roger Taylor Roland Grapow
Role Of The Observer Rollins Band
Rondinelli Roots Of Rot
Rosetta Rotting Christ
Rough Diamond Rough Silk
Roxx Rozz
Rude Awakening Rude Revelation (Luxembourg)
Rumble Militia Running Death
Running Wild S.O.D. (Stormtroopers Of Death)
Sabaton Sabbat
Sabbath Assembly Sabbrabells (Japan)
Saber Tiger Sacrament L.A.
Sacred 13 Sacred Reich
Sacred Warrior Sacrificial Blood
Sadist Sadom
Sadus Saeculum Obscurum
Sage's Recital Sahg
Saint Deamon Saint Vitus
Sainte Ombre Salem
Saliva Saltatio Mortis
Samael Samsas Traum
Samson Sanctuary
Sanctuary (US) Saosin
Saracen Saratan
Sarcofago Sarcolytic
Sarke Sarpanitum
Sasquatch Satan's Host
Satan's Wrath Satanika
Satureye Satyrian
Satyricon Savage Circus
Savage Messiah Savatage
Saxon Scanner
Scar Symmetry Scar The Martyr
Scariot Scarlet Anger
Scars Of Life Scars On Broadway
School Of Violence Scientic
Scorched Earth Scorpions
Sculpture Scythe (US)
Secret Sphere See You Next Tuesday
Seemless Seether
Sent By Ravens Sentenced
Septic Flesh Sepultura
Seraphim Serenity (Austria)
Setherial Seven Witches
Sevendust Seyminhol
Shadow Gallery Shadow King
Shadows Fall Shadows Past
Shaman (Shaaman) Shape Of Despair
Shark Island Shattered Hope
Sheavy Shinedown
Shinin' Shade Shining
Shining (Norway) Shining (Sweden)
Shock (Brazil) Shock (Canada)
Shotgun Messiah Sicadis
Sick Puppies Siebenburgen
Sieges Even Sigh
Sign Of The Jackal Signum Regis
Silberbart Silent Force
Silent Opera (France) Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy
Silverhead Sin Starlett
Since October Sinergy
Sinister Realm Sinner
Siren's Cry Sirenia
Sirrah Sister Sin
Sixty Watt Shaman Sixx: A.M.
Skeletal Augury Skeletons (US, New Jersey)
Skeletonwitch Skepticism
Skid Row Skiltron
Skindred Skinlab
Skinner Skull Fist
Skunk Anansie Skyclad
Skylark (Italy) Slash's Snakepit
Slasher Slayer
Sleeping Romance Sleestak
Slipknot Slough Feg
Slumber Smile Emoty Soul
Smile Empty Soul Snakeskin Angels
Snot Sober
Sodom Soiled By Blood
Soilwork Solace
Solarized Solitaire
Solitude Aeturnus Sombres Forets
Sonancy Sonata Arctica
Sonic Syndicate Sonny Hennig
Sonora Ritual Sons Of Otis
Sortilege Soulfly
Soulless (US) Souls Of Diotima
Soundgarden South Park
Southern Front Southfork
Space God Ritual Space Odyssey
Sparta Spartan Warrior
Spi Ritual Spider Kickers
Spineshank Spiral Architect
Spirit Caravan Spiritual Beggars
Split Heaven Stabbing Westward
Stahlhammer Staind
Stam1na Stamina
Starbreaker Stardust Circus
Starstruck Static-X
Steel Attack Steel Dawn
Steel Engraved Steel Panther
Steel Prophet SteelSwarm
Steeler Steelheart
Stephen Pearcy Steppenwolf
Steriogram Steve Fister
Steve Morse Band Steve Stevens
Steve Vai Steve Walsh
Stevie Salas Still Life
Still Remains Stolen Babies
Stone Fury Stone Garden
Stone Gods Stone Sour
Stonesupreme Storm (Norway)
StormThrash Stormbringer (UK)
Stormlord Stormrider (Germany)
Stormtrooper (Germany) Stormwarrior
Stormzone Story Of The Year
Straight Up Strain
Strapping Young Lad Stratovarius
Stray From The Path Striborg
Striker Stroke Of Midnight
Structure Of Humanity Stuck Mojo
Stud (Finland) Sturm Und Drang
Su Ta Gar Subliritum
Submersed Subway To Sally
Sudden Death Sudden Impact (US)
Suffocation Suicidal Angels
Suicidal Tendencies Suicide Silence
SuidAkrA Summoning
Sun Devoured Earth Superjoint Ritual
Suplecs Supreme Pain
Susperia Suspyre
Svarti Loghin Svartidaudi
Svarttjern Swallow The Sun
Switchtense Swordmaster
Sworn Amongst Sworn Enemy
Sybreed Sylosis
Symphonity Symphony X
Symphorce Syphor
System Breakdown System Of A Down
TNT Taake
Tabahi Taberah
Tacere Tactics (US)
Tad Morose Tagada Jones
Tai Pan Talas
Talbot Tangier
Tankard Tantric
Tanzwut Tardy Brothers
Tarim Tarja Turunen
Tattoo Rodeo Taurus (Brazil)
Teaze Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes Teitanblood
Tenacious D Tenebris (Poland)
Tenside Terasbetoni
Terminal Function Terror 2000
Terror Detonator Terror Tactics
Terrorvision Tesla
Testament Textures
Thanatos Thaurorod
The 3rd And The Mortal The 69 Eyes
The Amboy Dukes The Armiger
The Atomic Bitchwax The Awesome Machine
The Berzerker The Black Dahlia Murder
The Burnpool The CNK
The Calling The Cavalera Conspiracy
The Chimpz The Company Of Snakes
The Cooper Temple Clause The Crinn
The Crossroads (Poland) The Cult
The Dead Youth The Deathisodes
The Deep The Earls Of Mars
The End (Canada) The Equinox ov the Gods
The Experience The Exploited
The Fathomless Deep The Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13
The Fucking Champs The Gathering
The Generals The Godz
The Groundhogs The Harrowed
The Hidden The Legion
The Mars Volta The McAuley-Schenker Group
The Midnight Ghost Train The Monks
The Mushroom River Band The Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight
The New Apocalypse The Offspring
The Quireboys The Rasmus
The Runaways The Sins Of Thy Beloved
The Sound Of Animals Fighting The Tea Party
The Throbs The Unguided
The Vision Bleak The Wandering Midget
The Wounded Kings Theatre Of Tragedy
Them Crooked Vultures Theopsya
Theory Of A Deadman Therion
Thin Lizzy Thomsen
Thor (Canada) Thought Chamber
Thousand Foot Krutch Thranenkind
Thrashit Thrashless
Threat Signal Three Days Grace
Three Man Army Thrust
Thulcandra Thulsa Doom
Thunder And Lightning Thunder Rising
Thunder Tribe Thunder Way
Thunderstone Thy Antichrist
Thy Blood Thy Disease
Thy Light Thy Majestie
Thy Serpent Thy Wicked
Thyrien Tiamat
Tierra Santa Time Requiem
Timeless Miracle Timeless Rage
Timo Tolkki To Die For
To-Mera Tobruk
Toja Tokyo Blade
Tommy Bolin Tommy Lee
Tony Gabriele’s Orbynot Tony Iommi
Tony MacAlpine Tool
Toranaga Torment
Torment Tool Tormenter
Torture Killer Torturium
Totalitar Tourniquet
Toxic Holocaust Toxic Waltz
Toxikhate Tracedawn
Tragedian Trail Of Tears
Traitor (Ireland) Traitor (US)
Transport League Trap
Trapt Trauma (Poland)
Treasure Land Trelldom
Trendkill Method Trepalium
Treponem Pal Tribuzy
Trik Turner Triosphere
Tristania Tritonus
Triumph Trivium
Trophallaxy Trouble
Trust Company Truth And Janey
Truth Corroded Tulus
Tummler Turisas
Twelfth Gate Twilight (US)
Twilight Of The Gods Twin Obscenity
Twins Crew Twisted Sister
Two Tygers Of Pan Tang
Type O Negative Tyrant
UFO Udumbal
Ulcerate Uli Jon Roth
Ultimatum (US) Ultra-Violence
Ultralord Ultraspank
Ulver Umbra et Imago
UnExpect Unbreath
Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats Uncle Slam
Unearth Ungrace
Unida United
Unleashed Unseen Terror
Until Death Overtakes Me Untimely Demise
Urfaust Urgehal
Uriah Heep Usurper (Netherlands)
Usurper (US) Vader
Valhall Vali
Valkyrja Vampire (Sweden)
Van Halen Vanden Plas
Vanishing Point Vardis
Vedonist Vehement (UK)
Vendetta Vendetta (Australia)
Vengeance Venom
Vesania Veuliah
Videodrone Vietah
Vigilant Vince Neil
Vindicator Vinnie Moore
Vinterriket Vintersorg
Violate (Croatia) Violator
Violent Attack Violent Force
Violent Storm Violet Vortex
Virgin Snatch Virgin Steele
Virtuocity Visible Wind
Vision Divine Visions Of Atlantis
Vital Remains Vixen
Voivod Volbeat
Voltax Volture
Von Groove Vond
Vorace Vow Wow
Vreid Vulcano
Vulture Industries W.A.S.P.
Waldheim Wall Of Sleep
Walls Of Jericho Waltari
War Of Ages Warbringer
Wardance Wardog
Warfect Wargasm
Warlord Warmen
Warmonger Warpig
Warrant Warrion
Wastelander Watain
Watchtower Waysted
Weakling Weapons To Hunt
Wednesday 13 Wehrmacht
Wheel Whetstone
While Heaven Wept Whiplash
Whiskey Tax White Hills
White Lion White Medal
White Skull White Willow
White Zombie Whitesnake
Whyzdom Wild Turkey
Wildpath Windhand
Wine 'N' Spirits Winged Messenger
Wintercult Winterhawk (US, Chicago, IL)
Winterstorm Wisdom (Hungary)
Witch Cross Witchery
Witches' Sabbath Witchfinder General
Witchfynde Witchhammer (Norway)
Witchtrap Witherscape
Within Temptation Wizard
Wo Fat Wolf
Wolfheart Wolfkrieg
Wolfmother Wolfsbane
Wolverine Blues Wonderland (Italy)
Wongraven Words Of Farewell
Wovoka Wrathblade
Wudeliguhi Wuthering Heights
X-Creta (Belgium) X-Sinner
Xaal Xandria
Xasthur Xathrites
Xciter Xentrix
Xytras Y&T
Years Spent Cold Yidhra
Yngwie Malmsteen Young Guns (UK)
Zaklon Zan Clan
Zanister Zed Yago
Zephyr Zero Hour
Znich Znowhite
Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction Zoetrope
Zolle Zoltar Speaks
Zouille & Hantson Zozobra
Автограф Агресор (Bulgaria)
Алексей Чернышёв и Алексей Булгаков Ария
БТРатаны Врата
Гран КуражЪ Дом ветров
Дрыгва Екклесиаст
Епархия Зла Зодиак
КУРСК Коррозия Металла
Лешак Магия
Мастер На Север
Парк Горького (Gorky Park) Примус
Русич Сила Удара
Скорая Помощь Тайны Затмения
Театр Теней Фантом
Хаме-леоН Хронос
Цезарь Чур
Эпидемия 1980

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1. Trelawny Lawn T. Rex
2. Juxtapozed With U Super Furry Animals
3. No Sympathy Super Furry Animals
4. 2 Legit 2 Quit (Featuring Saja) MC Hammer
5. Seasons Of Life Gemini
6. Lady Madonna The Beatles
7. Carnival Atomic Rooster
8. Taking A Chance Atomic Rooster
9. Juniper Suction T. Rex
10. Deboraarobed T. Rex
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